10/10 Would Listen: Bad Noose Independent Press

10/10 Would Listen: Bad Noose Independent Press

10 punk / hardcore selections from the lads over at Bad Noose Independent Press.

The Bad Noose Independent Press rundown of the last month in the punk/hardcore world! The lads have some huge shows feat. Blkout, The Others and Legions all the way from Sydney coming up at the end of the month, so if your in Perth make sure you across them HERE Cover photo by Phillip Hatton @ Break The Ice 2014.

Nothing - July The Fourth

Downside - October 14th 

Cursed Earth - Suffocation

Lagwagon - Burden of Proof / Reign

Hierophant - Inganno

Vices - Sustain

Legions - Acolytes

War Torn – Life Bleeds Black 

Outright - Troubled

Cruels Hand - 3s

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