Friendlyjordies will get you super excited about music in 2016 with his latest video

Friendlyjordies will get you super excited about music in 2016 with his latest video

Like really excited.

We're not sure if you've strayed on to commercial radio any time recently but it doesn't paint a pretty picture. Shitty, re-purposed covers of tracks that aren't even that old, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris not being cool, acceptable in the 80s Calvin Harris, more Chainsmokers, and weirdly that girl from True Grit.

Needless to say, it's not overly inspiring - not that commercial radio ever really has been. Sure, maybe we'll look back on these artists in 20 years time and book entire Australian tours around the music we used to hate like we're doing with every shitty 90s act that's ever existed now, but until then we can just rag on it.

Like Friendlyjordies has today, making some salient points about Sia, future-pop music sounding like geese with horns taped to their bills, and the pit of despair that is commercial radio hosts.

Anyway, it's funny, and we hope you enjoy it.

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