A look at the mountain of cool sh*t that happened at E3 Games this week

A look at the mountain of cool sh*t that happened at E3 Games this week

Say goodbye to your social life and actual reality itself as we’re catapulting into the world of VR (virtual reality.)

Last year we covered E3 and just the mere beginnings of VR technology soon to make its mark within the gaming industry. Now this year 2016, the VR saga continues with a multitude of massive VR based games coming to consoles and PCs alike.

Three overriding themes discovered after exposing myself to an unhealthy amount of trailers:

1: Massive oversaturation of "apocalyptic" the “world is over as we know it” themes.

2: Futuristic overload. Feel like there is a reason why Battlefield 1 is receiving so much love for this very reason - ‘Keep it simple stupid’.

3: It’s 2016, and there is only a couple games taking advantage of 4k rendering and the 60fps available now on YouTube...

The listing below starts out with:

- VR being the major highlight

- Classic COD vs Battlefield

- Handpicked trailers

- Lastly “Others...” ones that just didn’t sell it me or it was ‘same sh*t different name.’

With everything being in alphabetical order.

Enjoy :)


VR Batman: Arkham VR - E3 2016 Reveal Trailer | PS VR

Merely only a rude “reveal” with no gameplay of the VR tech featured but, the Batman Arkham series is one of the big pullers for PS4 so we can only hope that the VR within is killer.

Eagle Flight VR: Multiplayer Gameplay

I’m gonna have motion sickness for sure with all this VR.

Final Fantasy XV | PS VR

Man this game has been going on for so freakin' long now! VR going to be included as well so shall be interesting to see how that’ll play out in involving that element with such a game or more than likely just immersing people within VR and not actually using your hands and what not. Horrific music choice as well for the trailer.

Giant Cop | VR

Easily potentially one of the funniest games from E3, once again including VR. Copping serious flack for its exclusivity on Oculus only though… I see an ongoing trend here…

Giant Cop VR Oculus only PILERATS

Harmonix Music VR - E3 Trailer | PS VR

Super interesting… Especially if artists could input their own music into it.

Here They Lie | PS VR

Easily a big ‘fuck that shit o’clock’ with the element of VR to be introduced with a bunch of scary content equals a massive bag of nope.

Serious Sam | PC VR

Superhot | PC VR

Receiving a bit of roasting through both the ratings and the comments section with Twinkie Pie themselves voicing the major concern in relation to its release platform.

Superhot VR Oculus only complaint PILERATS

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Trailer - VR

This definitely could be one of the best VR releases… I just hope people have enough friends to play with… I sure won’t…

The Classic COD vs Battlefield

This ongoing battle for first person shooters has been exceedingly entertaining to watch, especially within the comments. After Call Of Duty broke records for all the wrong reasons, now claiming the second most disliked video on YouTube (second to Justin Bieber Baby) of all time with their reveal trailer.

Call Of Duty 2nd Most Disliked Video PILERATS

Not to mention their Infinite Warfare - “Ship Assault” Gameplay trailer copping major flack in both ratings and comments alike. Besides all this negativity a COD4 remaster will more than likely save the day for them… ALTHOUGH, I’ve been arguing with close friends, and I believe you’ll have to buy Infinite Warfare to get the O.G COD4 remastered… They claim that codes shall be flying around to download the game... We shall see.

Battlefield 1, has taken a massive step in the right direction in actually going back in time in relation to first person shooters and a ‘keep it simple stupid’ approach as people are just sick of people flying around, jumping off of sh*t and lasers it seems…

And Bob’s your uncle, they know how to get those arousal levels high for anticipation of this game (hectic trailer).

 Handpicked Trailers


Similar vibes to PS3’s Journey, more of a platformer though.

Days Gone

Solid trailer, so many apocalyptic vibes again. Will be on a similar level to Xbox’s State of Decay.

Dead Rising

Another zombie game - very cool and cynical trailer - intense rendered scenes.

Death Standing

Oh fuck it’s that dude from walking dead! Other than that again with the world ending theme. But, definitely with an interesting twist to it leaving us wanting more for sure.

Death Standing E3 Daryl Walking Dead PILERATS

Detroit Become Human

Stands out amongst the rest by offering a similar mechanic to how LA Noire worked with choose your own adventure style for each scenario. Will be interesting to see how much playtime content they’ll produce.

Dishonoured 2

Fairly intense and hectic graphics, 60fps in the trailer is solid - Potential for an awesome storyline I believe.

Dual Universe

Cool customisation on spaceships and things alike - Flying dicks anyone?


PS3 Journey vibes onces again, with childlike artwork and almost polyphonic sounds definitely interesting.


Very good trailer in encapsulating every single boyhood dream of playing in the big leagues. Funnily enough going for someone with similar looks to Marcus Rashford, who is a teenager living that dream currently at Manchester United - Including EA’s “Frostbite” engine used in games such as Battlefield which’ll make for an interesting launch if they can smoothly implement it within a game such as FIFA.

For Honour

Amazing the lack of 4k being used to display amazing graphics from multiply developers - For Honour capitalising on selling the look of their game through an epic trailer and amazing quality - Cheers every failed politician regarding the NBN from AUS though, in relation to how long it takes to download a 4k video… Also being a very exciting game in relation to it’s 4v4 multiplayer offering something different on the table.

Forza Horizon 3

How to make everyone in Australia talk about this game? Throw in some freakin' kangaroos, kookaburra’s and some hectic Aussie roads in there. Off roading looks like the major seller in this one too.

God Of War

Some hectic in-game fighting and other interesting elements, oh yeah and literally a troll under the bridge…

Grow Up

Seriously finding these childlike games with no boundaries appealing as it takes the seriousness and the constant, recurring apocalyptic theme out in most games these days.

Halo Wars 2

No words needed. Interesting take on multiplayer footage here.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Game looks amazing and could potentially be a freakin' killer game if it can sustain gamers' interest throughout.



LEGO Stars Wars: The Force Awakens

I just freakin' love the comedic value in putting real voice overs with LEGO characters, still gets me everytime. Looks like a lot of fun to play with a few mates.


Solid trailer, great soundtrack plenty of other developers can learn a thing fews about building hype from this.


Really liked how they included the design work involved for how they’ve really made this game a cinematic masterpiece.

NieR Automata

Not exactly my cup of tea but, Square Enix are known for epic adventure games like this.


Massive tease yet, I’m interested. F*cken pigeons.

Over Cooked

Wow, I can totally see my friends and I having a freakin ball with this one!


Very cool texture to the game offering a potentially unique type of game in this flooded market.

Sea Of Thieves

Cool concept and art within going for a different form of co-op gaming which is refreshing.

Skylanders Imaginators

Horrific trailer. Crash Bandicoot doe! Even though the whole series is being remastered…

South F*cken Park

Super keen on this one. Especially because of the raving reviews on the first and comedic value South Park brings to games is second to none.


Man it’s so overdue a decent Spiderman game since the freakin PS1 version…

Static | PS4

Such a tease! Looking hectic though.

State Of Decay 2 | Xbox

Looking at a top five percenter of apocalyptic zombie game here I believe. Best Xbox exclusive from E3?


Best snow sports based game to date? RIP SSX.

Tekken 7


Titanfall 2

Stunning looking game. Looks very promising.

The Last Guardian

Disappointing to see no 4k viewing option for rendered cut scenes, because this game looks pretty beautiful, with an arcady texture to it as well.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Zelda... Only real problem is that I actually don’t know a single person who owns a Wii U...

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Cinematic as f*ck, concerns over the final product graphics though :/ Even more cinematic hectic madness here.

Watch Dogs 2 | PS4

Dope music, very cool concept, just wonder if they’ll delay it all again…

We Happy Few | Xbox

Very good and engaging trailer, up there potentially with State Of Decay for games via Xbox.


Axiom | Nintendo

Dawn Of War III

Similar vibes to Titanfall/Avatar with the whole humans within massive robot suits.


Friday The 13th


Very boring trailer.

Killer Instinct


Madden 17

As if they didn’t even let Yogi x Skrillex Burial drop… Imagine a hit stick montage… They still have "hit stick" in Madden right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Gameplay Trailer E3


Great build up trailer. Will be keen on seeing how it’ll keep people interested in playing all way through though.

Quake Champions


Cool soundtrack and animations, wonder if this’ll convert into a solid game as I wasn’t exactly sold by this “Gameplay Trailer”.

Resident Evil 7

Decent trailer, although the whole market of gaming seems to be overfilled with games similar to resident evil themes will be interesting to see how successful this Resident Evil will be in this current market.

Runbow Pocket


Easily the most hateable character I have come across in awhile… Oh look a comment(s) to support my point.
Scalebound main character so unlikeable PILERATS


Trials Of The Blood Dragon

Turing Test



Once again with that end of world and everyone is dying theme but… With a twist…

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