Watch: Coin Banks - Cursive

Watch: Coin Banks - Cursive

Kid sweethearts sass the streets in the Perth emcee's latest visuals.

Following Perth emcee Coin Banks' Ruby Horns / Andres collab Someone, Cursive is the latest single to be released off Coin Banks' Tails EP, which forms part of his complementary double EP release - Heads and Tails. If you haven't copped Tails yet, do so now. We checked it out a few months back, and had this to say of it: "five tracks of head nodding summer business with catchy-as-you-like soul hooks and some top shelf word smithery from Dan Banks...big things are coming for this humble and super-talented dude." 

Cursive's a soulful, catchy and engaging listen, with a fantastically fulsome female presence on the track, vis a vis Queens female rapper and author Apani B-Fly guesting, who engages in call-and-response style rapping with Banks on the verses, and vocalist Lili K jumping in for the soulful chorus. And now comes the brilliant visuals - definitely one of the strongest video clips we've seen come out of Perth of late. 

The clip takes us to the streets of New York, where we're walking around with a baseball-capped, gold-chain wearing, rap-loving kid - let's just call him a Young Coin Banks. We soak up some general streetlife energy, and breakdancing, punctuated by 3-D animations of the track's lyrics (the talented work of Perth's own Naik/Sam Price). Young Coin ("from the West") crosses paths with a cute girl ("from the far East"), and after some intial back-and-forth sassing of each other ("I love them rap songs"..."I prefer R & B!") they eventually end up sharing jams and headphones with each other at sunset on a city rooftop. CUTE. A few weeks back Coin Banks mentioned to us that one of his fave films is Brown Sugar, and we can definitely feel those 'love and hip hop' vibes coming through as strong inspiration here. 

The video's got incredible production values, and is the perfect conceptual actualisation of Cursive's lyrical thematics, which sees the intelligent rapper riff on the romantic notion that 'opposites attract' using the idea of handwriting - though each person's style is different when they're writing, calligraphy or cursive, we can still read each other and find a shared language... perhaps of love. Now the coin's been flipped and both Heads and Tails have hit the ground in very fine form, we're eagerly awaiting Coin's forthcoming debut full-length album...

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Watch Cursive below. Pile TV recently filmed a special documentary about Coin Banks for our Day With series - it premieres on our Youtube August 10, so keep an eye out for it! 

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