Troye Sivan is making some of the best pop music in the world right now

Troye Sivan is making some of the best pop music in the world right now

Following on from the triumphant My My My! and the mellow The Good Side, his new single Bloom makes it three from three.

Back when we were just a small little music site trying to find our place in the world, we came across a then-Perth-based artist named Troye Sivan, who at the time, was just kicking off his official music career with Happy Little Pill. Basically, what happened was we premiered a remix of the single by Casper Zazz back in 2014, which then triggered an absolute onslaught of Troye Sivan fans to our site that it crashed us for a solid amount of time. Since then, the kid has done nothing but kill it, going to #1 in a bunch of countries with the releases he's put out since and established himself as one of Australia's biggest exports. In 2018, he's gearing up to release his long-awaited second album due later this year, announced with the proudly confident and triumphant lead single My My My! - a track we named one of our favourites of the year so far.

My My My! saw Troye Sivan go from a seemingly shy indie-pop figure to one that stands tall amongst the pop stars around him, with the newfound confidence in his sound, image, and himself pushing him into a new realm that could see him join the heavyweights as 2018's biggest pop forces. There was also The Good Side, which released a week later, that teamed Sivan's more soft-spoken vocal with a delicate guitar line which unexpectedly transforms into a glitchy experimental production that could almost come from Flume with its subtle, shimmering breakdowns. Last week, Sivan made it three from three with Bloom - a single which just confirms his position as a trailblazer for Australian pop.

Filled with vulnerability and emotion, Bloom sits in between the maximalist pop of My My My! and The Good Side's soft ambience. It's tender, emotionally charged and personal (the single is about flowers according to Sivan, but I think everyone has worked out that it's not), but at the same time, brimming with this vocal and aural personality that feels as confident and strong-willed as his work earlier this year. Either way, it's a pretty damn cool song, and it's so sick to see a young Perth guy totally kill the pop game on an international level - so check it out below and make sure you keep up to date with Troye Sivan's pop takeover in 2018.

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