Listen to What You Like, a pacing new single from dance music experimentalist Logic1000

Listen to What You Like, a pacing new single from dance music experimentalist Logic1000

Featuring Malaysian/Irish musician yunè pinku, the single comes with the announcement of Logic1000's next EP, In The Sweetness Of You.

Header image by Kasia Zacharko.

Anyone with their finger on the dance music pulse would know Logic1000. The production alias of Sydney-born, Berlin-based Samantha Poulter has become one of dance music's leading names of the next generation, carving out some of house music's most infectious and addictive rhythms through work dating back to her self-titled debut EP back in 2019. That six-track EP was an introduction to someone who has consistently thrived ever since, pushing the limits with further releases that have captured fans including everyone from Four Tet to Caribou; the musician being a hallmark of Australian dance music and its growth overseas.

Speaking of the work that's come since her debut EP, some of it has been amongst the most adventurous and captivating of modern-day club music. Her Perfume / Blossom double-side release was a reminder of the heights she could reach in the face of her debut EP, while the You've Got The Whole Night To Go EP back in January saw her strive for new sounds, bringing on new energies and textures amongst its four-track duration. Then, came Safe In My Arms / YourLove in July, presenting yet more capsules of Logic1000's endless talent.

Now, she sets her sights on her next EP In The Sweetness Of You, arriving on November 12 via Therapy. "The last EP I made, You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go, was very much a club and festival EP that would have been - if not for lockdown - perfect for playing out," she explains, on the context of her forthcoming third EP. "But while making this EP, there was the potential that the songs could actually be played out in clubs and festivals - and there are definitely moments on this release that could be played out. However, most of the tracks are more for listening in a quieter setting. This wasn’t a conscious decision by any means, it was simply the product of experimentation and growth."

The EP's first taste What You Like provides the perfect example of this experimentation and growth, enlisting 18-year-old musician yunè pinku for a more timid take on Logic1000's often-club-focused sound, full of the rhythmic mastery she's showcased through her work, but this time around, is welcomed in a bit of a different setting; in a way that allows her melodic prowess to find its time in the spotlight amongst her usual pacing instrumentation.

The end result is this rich blend of house and R&B-adjacent vocals, potent with its haziness yet still daring and exciting in its production - exactly like we've come to expect from Logic1000 over the last two years. "Asha is such a talented artist with an incredible ear, I’m so proud of this tune and so glad to have worked with her," she says on the single.

If nothing else, What You Like is further solidification of Logic1000's presence amongst club music's upper echelon; a representative for Australian-grown dance music on an international scale, who provides a light for so many others following her footsteps. With her next EP en route, we're sure it's something we're going to see more of in the year ahead, but for now, take a dive into What You Like below:

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