EP Walkthrough: Luude discusses the late-night adventure of his new EP, 6AM

EP Walkthrough: Luude discusses the late-night adventure of his new EP, 6AM

After shifting the focus to his Choomba project, the Perth-raised producer now re-aligns his sights on his solo project for a daring new EP.

Over the last year, Luude has been everywhere. Earlier in the year, the Perth-raised producer announced his signing to Sweat It Out and shared a pair of big-scale anthems Arms and Butters, packaged together as a Luudooskins release. However, much of his time has been spent as one-half of Choomba, the duo he created with his cousin that since its formation, has gone on to become one of Australia's defining new dance acts, recently announcing a label deal of their own as well as a new title of triple j late-night dance program hosts.

Now based on the Gold Coast, Luude's breakthrough year has been a long-time coming; somewhat of a testament to the love and labour we've seen him put in since his entrance as a newcomer to Perth clubs all those years ago. Now, after finding his time in the spotlight as one-half Choomba, he's going back to the roots of the Luude project for a new conceptual EP that soundtracks a hazy late night, bringing forward the experimental production and songwriting that forged Luude such an audience from the get-go.

Released on Friday, the EP - titled 6AM - is a journey through the late nights most people have sorely missed over the last few years, soundtracking the rush of weekend adventures in a way that brings you back to the times where they were possible. "I wanted it to be a record that can be listened to through the stages of a day and night. I was writing most of it through lockdowns so I was just writing tunes that felt like being out," he says. 

The EP follows that throughout its duration, and at times, reaches some quite far-out sonic places in the process of doing so. The EP-opening Wanna Stay features Perth punks Dear Sunday for this intense, rough-around-the-edges fusion of punk and drum'n'bass that sounds unlike anything else we've heard all year: "[It] has a loose fun energy about it - feels like a bunch of mates getting rowdy in the pub - which is how most nights in Australia start," Luude says.

From there, you get this journey through a night's highs and lows, from the club-ready rush of Butters and Arms - originally shares through the aforementioned Luudooskins release earlier in the year - right through to the EP-closing Bridgewater, which ties it all together with a bit more of a subtle bow that focuses on the emotional and intimate side of Luude's songwriting, rather than the flat-out in-your-face productions we're used to. "[They are] those emotional kick on tunes for when you're feeling it at 6AM - so it's all stages of the night," he says.

As a whole, 6AM feels like a reminder not just of a night out, but also a reminder of how far Luude's sound can travel when he's left to his own creativity and experimentation, toying with sounds and genre combinations that really wouldn't work in any other setting. There are flourishes of drum'n'bass and hip-hop amongst touches of punk and pop, taking steps outside of the usual comfort zone to push sonic limits in a way that Luude always has, and has perhaps been forgotten amongst the more house-backed sounds of Choomba (a project which is obviously still exciting, though).

6AM proves that no sound is too far for Luude, no combination is too out-there. It's a brilliant time, and a reminder of the prowess of one of Perth's best exports. Take a dive into the EP below, alongside a track by track walkthrough from Luude, breaking down the EP's themes, creation and sound one song at a time.

Wanna Stay (feat. Dear Sunday)

Wrote this with the Dear Sunday legends from Perth, WA. It was right in the middle of almost all the states being locked down in some way - since everyone was feeling pretty isolated we wanted to write a tune that had a big crowd energy - the chorus sounds like a bunch of rowdy mates at the pub which was exactly the idea. It’s a real summer, good fun times song, I hope people can enjoy it that way at festivals soon. 

There are remixes from Fred V and AC13 coming that are insane too. So pretty keen for all that to happen. 


This is a bit deeper and emotional than things have been for the Luude project, but felt right to have that contrast on my first EP. It’s one for the late kick on, takes some inspiration from a lot of the UK sounds I like from Icarus, Bicep, Franky Wah and Four Tet but wanted to keep the bass drones and darker sounds that are familiar in a lot of my production. 


This one was just an out and out banger, I wanted to see how crazy I could make trance leads sound in drum and bass, has been pretty cool seeing this one get played at clubs and festivals in NZ and Europe while I’m waiting to get out there. 


Similar to Butters, this is just a straight club record. I wrote both of them as I was preparing for a tour (that ultimately had shows cancelled) the idea was to drop the two club tunes, tour them - document the tour and then come back with an EP that shows a bit of the journey, but obviously COVID had other ideas. Despite that happening, I think they sit nicely in the middle of the EP. Bit of a pep up. 


Another kick on tune to round the EP out. A few mates have called it a nang weapon - but I’m not condoning that feedback haha. Nah in all seriousness, I just wanted to write another record that makes you feel good - I think the tribal vocals make it really euphoric. Pretty happy with how all the tracks work together.


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