Listen: ZHU - Modern Conversation feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Daniel Johns

Listen: ZHU - Modern Conversation feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic & Daniel Johns

Volume 5 of ZHU’s Genesis series features two Australian legends.

Words by Angus Dawson.

Within the opening seconds of this track, you know its ZHU and considering there are so few elements that put it together, thats a pretty tough ask. The minor chords, the classic ZHU sounding kick drum pounding out every beat, bouncy bass line and a knack for picking the best features. On this track we here the vocals of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, a Brisbane based group who’ve been smashing it ever since being ‘Unearthed’ by Triple J. It also features Australian darling Daniel Johns, but more on that later.

The track is substantial - the hooks are strong, the marriage of the typically relaxed vibe of VCS and ZHU’s more upbeat stylings is pure genius and aside from the unique production style that is ZHU, it's also just a damn good song. Oh and not to mention, it ends with a shredding guitar solo, remember those? I miss guitar solos. The elephant in the room for me is, what did Daniel Johns do? You’d assume he’d be singing, but VCS takes care of that. Production? Doubt it, it's classic ZHU. Which means, the former Silverchair frontman is the man responsible for that finger-lickin’ good guitar solo.

Some people just know, you know? ZHU knows. I don’t think this guy has released a disappointing tune yet. And being five tracks down in the Genesis Series with Skrillex involved with the sixth and final tune, I don't think there’ll be any disappointment for a while. What's also exciting is the recent tracks are noticeably more live than his previous works. I’ll put money on his new live show reflecting that, perhaps with Johns' joining the stage show for some live shreddage?


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