Go Freek Interview: The boys are back in town and 'Love Is The Weapon'

Go Freek Interview: The boys are back in town and 'Love Is The Weapon'

With a steamy new single in tow, the Sydney duo are ready to hit the road with a swag of heat.

Sydney's dashing duo of devious dance music, Go Freek have today unveiled arguably their catchiest (but no less bangin') tune to date - Love Is The Weapon. It might be their best work to date, and that can probably be explained by the duo hitting a rare creative patch which has found them comfortable blending elements of the gutter-tech sound they came to prominence with, combined with a new-found apprection of a steamy top line and a more mature take on tech-house. Perhaps it's been the work they've put in on US festival stages, or some glamorous European boat parties alongside the likes of Detlef and Latmun, but they're ready to fuck shit up this Australian summer.

Love Is The Weapon is out now via Sweat It Out!, and we caught up with the fellas below to find out a little more about it:

Let’s talk about this huge new single of yours, Love Is The Weapon.

We really wanted to ramp it up this year and go back to making whatever we felt like and enjoying the creative process. So when the offer arrived to work in good friend Micky Kojak’s studio for a few weeks, we jumped to the opportunity. Idea after idea, powering through writing new hooks and evolving our old ones. Long days and nights, all styles of house, techno and our gutter tech sound. We got to a point where we finally had a strong-as-hell collection of demos, our favourite being the instrumental for Love Is The Weapon.

With a strong idea of what we wanted in a vocal, we got a demo back via email at 4.30am from a session singer in the UK and it was love at first listen. After months of tweaking and perfecting our baby was picked up by the Sweat It Out school bus, Russ and I waved her off ike proud parents and begun the waiting game for the release date to arrive.

Epic, so sounds like you’re sitting on loads more music?

Oh my goodness yes we are, there is enough for an album! Each track is very unique and have all been going off in our sets. Some are ready to go tomorrow and some are just bare ideas but we are excited none the less. We are back to writing whatever we feel like and what we enjoy. I think that’s key!

I see you’ve got quite the tour surrounding the single, will you be testing some of these songs out on the road?

That’s the beauty of sitting on so much unreleased music, no one else in the world has it. There’s nothing better then watching fans get around music you’ve been sitting on. It’s also good to take inspiration from loads of people in different cities and getting an idea on what’s working where. This tour is perfect, it's all our favourite venues around the country and more! (shout-out Paul Azza and Poster Child).

go freek love is the weapon art

Can you tell us more about the incredible artwork for Love Is The Weapon?

Well we met this fine gentleman David Porte Beckefeld while doing the final touches on the record. We loved his art, he loved the record, let’s work together we said. And he absolutely nailed it! In David’s words: "From the early concepts for Love Is The weapon I wanted to focus on the emotional aspect of love being used against you. When it feels constricting and toxic, the illusion of love and the relationship is horrible from within yet seemingly picturesque from the outside and this is the feeling I wanted to create for the cover. Combining my emotional justification with a contemporary art like treatment, entirely designed and rendered using CG combining my personal art style with my conceptual aims for the artwork."

What’s the pressure like of maintaining output/presence to stay in people's ears?

Well for us, and for most others out there, social media is everything for getting your brand across. Some artists break into the market from having an amazing online presence and some artists are forgotten because they haven’t focussed on social media and just want to write music. We embrace it, it’s awesome to have these channels to express yourself and let your fans get an idea of who you are characteristically. Everyone now has a voice and it’s important to be heard, it’s definitely a jungle out there and we are learning everyday. It’s also important to remember that networking has never been easier, the best in the business understand this, and use this as a tool to their advantage.


go freek love is the weapon tour

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