Dividem's 5 Electronic Acts Doing It Right

Dividem's 5 Electronic Acts Doing It Right

From an electronic act also pushing the live vibes.

We’ve been pretty stoked on Dividem so far this year. And we're not alone. They have supported acts like Peking Duk, Alison Wonderland and Golden Features, are on the bill for Victoria’s Beyond the Valley Festival, and have just signed to One Love Records. On the back of all this, the duo have released their debut self-titled EP. It’s a sweet mix of old school house, EDM and killer melodies. Dividem are becoming renowned for their live show, which features a pretty extensive set-up. So, we asked the boys for some acts they draw inspiration from, and they even chucked in a bonus for good measure.

You can also catch them live when they launch their EP at Shebeen in Melbourne on January 16 - details HERE.




The Phrase “RUFUS Live Setup” never strays far in our YouTube histories. Amazing live. Plus they make incredible tracks.

Essential listening - Take Me:


booka shade

Sometimes when Paddy wears his broad brimmed hat I say to him “you look a bit like the drummer from Booka Shade”. And Paddy’s the drummer. In all seriousness though these guys were pretty much our first inspiration to get into electronic music, and particularly to try and do it live.

Essential listening - Love Inc:



They pretty much have the dream set-up. So much percussion, as well as great instrument playing. TBH even the tables they have all their gear on do it for us.

Essential listening - Apollo


totally enormous extinct dinosaurs

Ok, so he's not really doing the live sets at the moment but his live setup was definitely a big influence for us. Or maybe we just like the amount of gear he has up there. Either way he loves his backup dancers and we’re ok with that.

Essential listening - Household Goods:



Incredible vocals and a really good mix between acoustic and electronic. More of a band, less of an “act”. And that Counting Sheep track is really satisfying.

Essential listening - You Are The One:




Rob Swire is a genius and their setup was absolutely insane. They had truckloads of gear and every fail-safe you could imagine. Unlike us who rely on our one trusty MacBook pro. They always brought so much energy. I guess it helps when you have a hype guy. Always loved the way Rob put his keyboard on an angle.

Essential listening - Propane Nightmares:

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