Introducing Ashdown, and his soothing new single Where It Hurts

Introducing Ashdown, and his soothing new single Where It Hurts

The British musician blends the best of electronic and pop seamlessly.

Big, bold vocal hooks. Soaring, synth-driven productions. Accessible, radio-friendly sounds. These are the things that Ashdown is all about. The London-born musician, easily comparable to names like Sam Smith, is one of those artists who can perfectly execute the dream combination of pop and electronica that have seen so many similar acts rise before him, and his new single Where It Hurts is the perfect example of this. Where It Hurts bounces with this energetic liveliness, stemming from the track's jazzy, snapping production and the energetic vocal work from Ashdown himself. Despite this being the first we've heard of him, he already has a small mound of collaborations and originals over on his SOUNDCLOUD, so to get everyone else up to speed with the promising young gun, we got him to introduce himself and his new single for the whole world to hear.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, my name is Murray Ashdown and I am a singer-producer from London. I am currently a student in Birmingham (UK). I used to write classical music up until I started Ashdown and I still try to let that influence me. My hobbies consist of being a typical student and I have an unreasonable obsession with tennis.

What's the vibe music wise?

I guess I'm a singer-songwriter at heart with a love of electronic music. I try to mix those two styles together so I can get a song with meaning, which also has a bit of a beat to it.

Production/Writing Processes?

I normally start with some chords on the guitar or a piano and try to produce the rest of the song with that before I think about the vocal melody or the lyrics. It's usually the chorus that comes first and then I try to build the song around that. However, the best stuff just comes to you out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure the best of my tracks originated in the shower.

Can you tell us about your brand new single, Where It Hurts?

If you compare this to my older original music it is very different. I'm trying to focus on the songwriting element more than the sound-design/producing, however there are still a few synths in there. I guess to me the track feels quite jazzy and upbeat and I hope it is also danceable. The lyrics are basically about being angry with someone and irrational because of that.

What's the rest of the year have in store?

For the last 9 months or so I have only been doing collaborations and features for producers, this is because I have been focusing more on my own sound and learning how to produce better. In this gap, I made loads of music and Where It Hurts is the first of that bunch. So in 2017, you'll be hearing a lot more of just me.

Where can we hear more of your music?

The best way to hear my music is probably via streaming sites like Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music. Although if you don't have that all my releases are on my Soundcloud page. Check out my Instagram and Snapchat if you want previews of unreleased stuff as well :).

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