8 Aussie Producers Changing The Game Right Now with Tiber

8 Aussie Producers Changing The Game Right Now with Tiber

A bloke who's just released an excellent EP of his own, Moments.

Geelong-based producer Tiber has today unveiled an exciting new direction with his new EP, Moments, out now via Moonbase's Trench Records. Switching up his usual bass-fuelled style and diving headfirst into more pop/R&B territories, given the man's talent it shouldn't be surprising that he makes it fucking work. And with the release, he's shown himself to be worthy of his rating as one of Australia's most talented and exciting young producers. Turns out he's also humble af, and instead of hyping up his own EP (which you can listen to below), has taken its release as an opportunity to shine a light on others he thinks are killing it right now.

1. Aybner

Have been following his stuff for a few years now and he’s come such a long way from when he first started, I really think the music is he making now is the best it’s ever been.

2. Droptail

He might not be Droptail for much longer but he has some of the best sound design around at the moment, he really knows how to capture a mood and put it into a track. Every sound has a purpose in his tracks.

3. Ojikae

Singer and producer in one, can’t really beat they hey. He makes some of the craziest rnb around at the moment; if you need songs about girls this guy has them.

4. Moonbase

Always pushing the boundaries of music, who else has put Anderson .Paak on a bass track? He really has great taste in music and has a super clean and minimal sound that I can’t wait to hear more of.

5. Herzeloyde

To me he’s the most slept on producer in Australia, he can do every style and do it better than anyone. He has so many tracks that don’t even get released it’s scary.

6. Lucianblomkamp

Lucian has a really great style, it’s also very minimal and everything seems intentional, nothing is there just for the sake of having something there. He has a harshness to his sound but it’s very subtle, and that’s something that’s really hard to capture.

7. Kllo

Simon once mastered a track for me and no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to sound as clean as his, so I really respect that (also give me your secrets pls).  The music him and Chloe make is really special, almost has a UK feel to it but it’s coming right out of Melbourne.

8. Oliver Tank

He’s been producing for a long time now, his early work really has a sound that is his own and I love that, there are a lot of times you hear people and can easily mistake them for someone else, but Oliver really has his own sound. He pushes the boundaries of hip-hop and down tempo music in everything he makes.

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