Track By Track: Statues take us through their ambitious new album, No Grave, No Burial

Track By Track: Statues take us through their ambitious new album, No Grave, No Burial

The Perth hardcore outfit's latest is a concept album worth sinking your teeth into.

Perth-based hardcore outfit Statues have just released their second LP, No Grave, No Burial, and ambitious 9-track concept album set in the heart of the civil war. It comes off the back of a busy couple of year's since the release of the group's debut LP Together We're Alone, finding the group sharing stages with the likes of Northlane, Norma Jean and Every Time I Die. We were fortunate to cop this track by track from the group to go a little deeper into themes of the album, following our main character searching for safety and freedom, and you can check it out below:

1. Collapse

Introduction, our hero resides in a war-torn town. There seems to be no escape, except for a safety point that has been mentioned in the community. Our hero expresses his stance towards the conflict in frustration and desires peace yet knows it’s not a reality. War has begun to change him in ways that he’d never thought and now he can no longer make sense of why this is all happening.

2. Sirens

There is an alarm sounding that warns of attack, people withdraw into their homes and come together to pray for safety. The central character and his family survive while those around them are lost in the rubble of what was their home. Being lucky enough to evade the crossfire, they set foot in search for safety.

3. Defiance

While on foot, frustration manifests. Antagonists have managed to take notice of those fleeing and are approaching rapidly. Our hero turns back to slow down and defy the attackers so that those with him can survive. He faces his enemy, bares a gun to his head, calls his name and closes his eyes.

4. Onwards To The Sun

He opens his eyes to find he is still alive. Through luck and fate, protagonists have intervened and saved his life. He turns back to catch up to everyone that continued before. From a near death experience he is reflexive and wishes for a life that’s more.

5. -

Reflection and scene change after long travel.

6. No Grave, No Burial

While travelling without any confrontation for some time, there is great and unfathomable loss. A loved one has been taken horrifically and the internal battle of wanting to stay but needing to escape for survival forces a heart-breaking decision. Without closure and paying respect to his loved one, he regrettably escapes.

7. Unrest

Our hero suffers a breakdown and contemplates resignation. The internal battle is overwhelming and he wonders if turning back to help is the right thing to do. He finds breath amid panic, collects himself and continues traveling.

8. Dirge

He reaches the spoken safety point where many are aboard a vessel that will carry them across sea to salvation. He reflects while swaying with the sea. The memories he is walking away with will never be forgotten.

9. Sanctuary

There is no salvation, no safe zone. Just detainment, lies, poor living conditions, confined spaces, too many people, starvation, sickness, death, abuse, trauma, isolation and sadness.

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