Totally Unicorn's Top Five Shirtless Frontmen

Totally Unicorn's Top Five Shirtless Frontmen

Some musicians just play better with their shirt off.

There's a real art to taking your shirt off on stage and some frontpeople simply can't pull it off (no pun intended), while others seem to nail it, effortlessly. Drew Gardner, frontman of chaotic metalcore outfit Totally Unicorn, certainly falls into the latter category, and to celebrate the much anticipated release of the Sydney four-piece's debut full-length Dream Life on July 29; we had the great man take us through his five favourite shirtless frontpeople of all time.


Damian Abraham (Pink Eyes) - Fucked Up

People have compared us a lot to each other live. I guess in a way this is true - both curvy, hairy guys (not so much curve these days for Damian). I just love his happy go lucky stage persona. Always looks like he's having a good time. Lyrically brilliant too and always pushing the boundaries in punk and hardcore.

Stefan Burnett - Death Grips

If there ever was a front person/band that pushed boundaries in music it would be Stefan and Death Grips. I have had their new album Bottomless Pit on repeat for the past few weeks. If you ever get a chance to see Death Grips live - do it, they will not disappoint.

Tim Harrington - Le Savy Fav

One of the funniest and most fun front people I have witnessed. Also a musician that I get compared to a lot, which is fine by me. I'll never forget seeing them at Sydney Laneway Festival and watching in awe as Tim climbed the fence at the festival and dived into a lake midway through their set. He has some amazing costumes as well.

Iggy Pop - The Stooges

I cannot mention front people I admire without mentioning this guy. 56 years, just fucking going all out and still doing so...I struggle playing live in my 30's! Still have never had the chance to see him in the flesh (even though it's a bit saggy these days).

Greg Puciato - The Dillinger Escape Plan

Not so much a shirtless front person but couldn't not have Greg in my list. I remember the first time I saw Dillinger live in 2003, I had never heard them before. The lights dimmed and then BANG! I was staring Greg right in the face as he walked over half the crowd from the first note of Panasonic Youth. We were lucky enough to play with them a few years back and Greg was just a super down to earth nice bloke. I think he changed the game for front people in a live factor. Needs to be seen to be believed.

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