Premiere: SPOD soundtracks your upcoming steamy summer eves with Boys Night

Premiere: SPOD soundtracks your upcoming steamy summer eves with Boys Night

An Australian classic is born.

A classic tale of suburbia and the struggle of the modern Australian man torn between the family life and knocking back a few cold ones with his mates, SPOD returns with instant summer classic - Boys Night. The chorus features an allstar cast of friends, AKA dedicated night out enthusiasts who've shared the live experience and submitted their vocal takes on the line, and combined with SPOD's penchant for spinning yarnest in the truest sense, it all adds up to something pretty special. And while we could blather on about it all day, we've actually received a special write-up from purveyor of party, writer of Andrew WK's I get wet 33 1/3, Phillip Crandall, who had this to say about Boys Night:"

"From the 1900s until today, each and every song from the Spod-alogue had been written, recorded, rad-ified, rip-roared, rear-end-tested, radio-blessed-ed, and road-perfected specifically for the partiest people Spod has ever met on Earth: girls.

Today, Spod has a jam for the boys.

Boys Night AKA 2016's Song of the Damn Year AKA 2016's Amends for the Damn Year, doesn't represent some seismic political shift or even thematic turn-of-face for our always-been-woke-and-also-always-had-a-face hero; rather, it represents a cool party zone rarely explored via sweet synthy vibes and Bandcamp compatibility. A critical read of the Boys Night text assures that, somewhere along SPOD's intra-planetary travels, it was witnessed just how the other 50.1% lives. Indeed, it was from those assholes that this festive phoenix did arise.

During the song's ascension, SPOD invited thousands if not literally billions of people to participate in a once-in-a-life, party-making opportunity. History will show that, on an otherwise totally 2016 Wednesday, SPOD posted a snippet of Boys Night to a social media account, inviting man and woman alike to sing along and send back their recorded takes. The result? An anthemic gang-style chorus with slightly less than a billion but definitely more than 30 triumphant entries all synced up, uniting partiers the whole wide webbed world over in a celebratory experience one cannot begin to put a price on (though, if a Kickstarter project were to offer "Your Recorded Voice On a Spod Song" as a pledge perk, it would totally be one of those end-all million-dollar pledges that has to incorporate all the previous perks too like the commemorative "Kickstart The Radness" t-shirt and autographed "Nerds!" bookmark)."

How's that for some true bloody blue poetry?


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