Premiere: Meres debut a new A/B side, Cut / Think You Like This

Premiere: Meres debut a new A/B side, Cut / Think You Like This

The two new songs cap off a big year for the Tasmanian musician, who is quickly emerging to become one of the state's best.

If you're yet to be acquainted, Meres is the dizzying indie-rock project of Launceston's Mary Shannon that, over the space of the last two years or so, has proved that there's a bustling rock scene continually growing from the depths of Tasmania. On her two first singles last year - Hell Is On Its Way and Feardom - her guitar-charged indie-rock presented itself as one of the state's most exciting in the 'up and coming' realm, and in the since, she's cemented this over and over again - playing a select few shows around the country, while playing almost every festival Tasmania has to offer: Falls Festival, A Festival Called Panama, Party In The Paddock and so-on.

Now, as we bid farewell to 2019, Meres is making sure that she's one on everyone's radars in 2020. Premiering today ahead of its official release later this week, Meres' new two-side release - Cut / Think You Like This - is a pairing of singles that cement her status as one to keep an eye on in the year ahead, placing her invigorating indie-rock sound back in the centre spotlight while also showcasing how the sounds can vary and change; presenting two vastly different takes on a distinctly Meres sound that she's quickly defining.

Cut, the first of the two tracks, is a charging, vocal-lead display of grating rock-pop that highlights the energy of Meres at her heaviness; fuzzy rock and sharp lyricism uniting above a knack for storytelling still being refined. "I wrote this song around the time a friend's father passed away. It was written from a strange place of guilt, grown from the expanding distance between us - I wasn't sure how to be their friend like I used to be, almost like I didn’t know them at all anymore," she says on the song. "It’s about wanting to feel that intense connection with someone again, trying to fight for it, but not knowing where to start. It’s absolutely terrifying to feel like you don’t even know the people that you’re the closest with, you haven't tried hard enough to show up for them... and worse to think that maybe you do, eventually, just need to let people go."

The b-side, Think You Like This, is contrastingly slow and subtle; stripping back the energy into a passionate stomp that highlights a take on Meres' sound that feels like an extension of what was debuted in Cut. "This song was written near the start of my long-term-long-distance-long-drive romance," she says on the single. "I don't really like writing love songs in general. I would rather talk about extremely random things like what's on the tele and dance around a lot like a loser. But it was nice to write something simple and truthful."

There's a debut EP coming next year alongside a year heavy on touring, but while you wait for Meres' explosive break-out year ahead, dive into the b-side below and catch her on her last few tour dates for the year underneath:

Tour Dates: 

Saturday 30 Nov | Saint John Craft Beer, Launceston
Tuesday 24 Dec | The Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston

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