Premiere: Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds - Tamagotchi Nights

Premiere: Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds - Tamagotchi Nights

Naarm/Melbourne-based indie-pop-rockers deliver an upbeat & nostalgic new anthem alongside a charming & colourful video

Image credit: Mediaroid

If you were a kid in the late 90s/early 2000s, odds are you either had a Tamagotchi (or a cheap knock off), or really wanted one… Coming in hot with an ode to one of the most memorable of millennial/gen z toys are Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds whose new single and video Tamagotchi Nights is out August 11 but premiering on Pilerats today.

An irresistibly upbeat poppy bob, Tamagotchi Nights opens with an all too appropriate chip tune synth playing the single’s infectious melody before giving way to soaring synths and guitars and a driving rhythm section pushing things forward, while Lucy Lorenne pays homage to the wonders of childhood innocence and fantasy in wistful & enchanting manner.

Tamagotchi Nights comes alongside a hypercolour, hyperactive music video, created in collaboration with Mediaroid. Drenched in Y2K era aesthetics, the video sees Lucy in a dreamy & psychedelic recreation of childhood bedroom interspersed with home movies of Lucy and the band as kids.

Give Tamagotchi Nights a watch and listen a few days ahead of release:

Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds new single Tamagotchi Nights is out August 11

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