Premiere: Izy - They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix)

Premiere: Izy - They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix)

Get an early listen to the Naarm based trio’s minimal house re-work by legendary producer Osunlade.

Photos by WILK (left) & Marie Staggat (right)

Neo-soul group Izy are a trio from far north Queensland now based in Naarm/ Melbourne, who today give us an early listen to their raw, deep house mix of 2021’s They Don’t Care, reimagined by legendary producer DJ Osunlade

Clearing the arrangement right out to refocus the track on the warm rhythmic bass line, and the smooth melody of Warrigo Tyrell’s vocals, They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix) is a minimal house journey laced with Osunlade’s signature sound deeply spiritually rooted in Yoruba traditions. Approaching the remix, Osunlade shares My introduction to Izy was seeing them play this song live. They instantly became one of my favorites as did the song. So to remix it was not only an honor but a challenge as I wanted to keep the integrity but bring it to the dance floor while keeping the soul."

Coming as the first single from Izy’s Irene - Remixes (Vol I), a collection of dancefloor focused re-workings of their debut 2021 album Irene, be the first to give They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix) a listen, as we premiere the infectious groove-ladened track below. 

They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix) is out Thursday September 29th via Hopestreet Recordings.



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