Premiere: Meet Sesame Girl, Canberra ones to watch launching with their debut, Get Up

Premiere: Meet Sesame Girl, Canberra ones to watch launching with their debut, Get Up

The dream-pop four-piece make an entrance with an enchanting debut single, one that comes with the promise of more in the future.

There's some incredibly special music being made from Australia's next generation of musicians at the moment, especially in the more indie-rock aligned world. Newcoming four-piece Sesame Girl are included amongst that, with the dream-pop group launching themselves today as we premiere their debut single Get Up and with it, introduce the world to another example of Canberra's artistic brilliance. After finding their feet through shows alongside DZ Deathrays and Spacey Jane over the last few months, Get Up marks their sensational debut in the recorded format, and it's a song that sees their heads-down hard work all come to fruition.

It's bright and fun, dancing with wind-swept guitar melodies that rise and fall amongst the track's near-four-minute duration, with hazy vocals dancing alongside them. There's something incredibly charming and exciting embedded within Get Up's sound too; the way everything comes together with a polish and shine feeling eerily reminiscent of Hatchie's craft - and a similar-paced glow-up for the Canberra group wouldn't be too far-fetched, especially considering the soft anthemic qualities that Get Up strives amongst.

There's a bit of a personal edge to it as well; Get Up being a song that has stuck with the group - composed of Heather Duncan, Blake Bashfield, Angus Higuma, and Yasmine Hosseini - since being written years back, slowly being developed over time. "I wrote Get Up when I was 16 and I wasn’t going to say that to anyone! I’ve come to think it’s actually quite sweet," they say on the single. "Get Up is a song that's grown next to me and now it’s me looking back on the person that I was four years ago.

"We wanted to put Get Up out first because it’s very gentle but unapologetic, it really blends the teenage happiness and joys with the undercurrent feelings of sadness that come with those first experiences of adolescence and mental illness."

It also arrives alongside a video clip filmed by Josh Fogarty and Liam Jordan, featuring Sesame Girl themselves. "The video is about the feeling of trying to fit in with no success, then finally being accepted when you are yourself," they explain. "We just wanted to do something fun and cute and wear our silly little outfits. Filming the scenes of people hating us was a bit of a hit to the self esteem, but apart from that it was really great."

It's a whole lot of fun and a strong taste of what to expect from Sesame Girl, as they move towards a debut EP expected later this year. In the meantime, however, take a dive into Get Up and its video clip below, as it premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release tomorrow, April 15th. Also, introduce yourself to the group underneath:

Tell us about yourselves?

We met on eHarmony! We had a lot in common, we love gardening, cooking, aqua pilates, and most importantly ... wine! LOL

What’s your music like? What does it sound like? What kind of themes does it usually cover?

Our music is sort of an indie bedroom-pop rock fusion. We take inspiration from acts like Soccer Mommy, Beach House, Clairo and Alvvays. It sounds sparkly and dreamy mostly, you can jump up and down to it but also cry to it. This song and our upcoming releases all delve into themes of coming of age and mental health struggles, there are a few love songs coming up too.

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

Normally for songwriting, I just play the guitar and sing until I come up with something cool. Then I bring it to the band and we put it all together. I think listening to a lot of different music is the best way to be inspired but sadly these days I listen exclusively to Doja Cat. Our producer Fletcher Matthews was so amazing and he was super enthusiastic and patient. We learnt so much from making our record with him.

Can you tell us a bit about your new single, Get Up?

I feel a bit scared when I tell people that I wrote Get Up when I was 16 but it's also very sweet and honest because of that perspective that I had. I was so sad! But I think those first super strong feelings you get as a teenager also feel really good, even though it's sadness, because it feels really big and real. I'm proud of how far I've come since then and this song really reminds me of that.

What do you have planned for 2021?

This year we're planning to keep on releasing songs from our ep! We're so excited to finally share what we've been up to! We're also really keen to be playing shows again and we feel super lucky that Canberra and everyone have been so responsible with covid so that the music scene can start to exist again!

What do you want people to take away from your work?

I think that the songs will mean different things to different people. I don’t want to put any expectations on anyone who listens. Everyone can relate to being sad and maybe I bank on that a little! But it's important to us that our music is something that is also joyful and has dimension.

Where can we find more of your music?

Get Up is all we’ve got for now! But we have lots more on the way so stay tuned!

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