Premiere: Meet ARCHIE, who make dizzying indie-pop with their new single, Blink

Premiere: Meet ARCHIE, who make dizzying indie-pop with their new single, Blink

The Canberra-based four-piece, armed with their new single, brings the fun of synth-backed pop together with the richness of an indie band.

Header image by Claire Warren.

Over the last few years, we've started seeing a big pick-up in the output of good ol' synth-backed pop, whether it be internationally (such as chart-dominating pop heavy-hitters such as Dua Lipa and The Weeknd moving into more disco and funk-ready sounds) or nationally, with the next generation - for example - stepping up and filling holes when it comes to every different aspect of synth-pop: dizzying funk; naughties-esque blog-house-pop; smooth-sailing disco-pop; even just your standard indie-pop sound, but stuffed full of more synthesizer than a Daft Punk record (if you remember that they sound like, that is - it's been so long). 

Canberra-based outfit ARCHIE are group among this pack, with the capital territory four-piece emerging last year with a string of singles that placed them on the map and made them one to watch in the year ahead. Last October's Stranger Danger, for example, took pacing indie-rock rhythms and urgent melodies and twisted it into a glistening, light-hearted track that moves with the energy of synth-pop, even without too much synth at all. It's an example of how far the sound's limits can stretch, and another example of this comes through with their latest single, Blink.

Premiering a few days early today as their first track for 2020, Blink is a track that strengthens ARCHIE's place in the more synth-adjacent world, taking this cool-and-collected indie-pop - something you'll find reminiscent of acts like Lime Cordiale and Spacey Jane's more relaxed and subtle work - and mixing it with synth patterns that dance around in the background, falling more in-line with acts like Parcels and even Northeast Party House's less rave-centric world.

It's a real good time, and for ARCHIE, it comes with a bit of an uplifting message needed in this time. "Our new single Blink is a song about self-love, optimism and positivity," says the group on the track. "It’s a reminder to take pride in who you are because you are worth it! We love playing this live, because we all get to sing together and it feels really good inside when we do! It is the first song we wrote together and it has come very far since then. We are very proud of this one and we are very thankful to all those involved in its growth."

Take a dive into the single below, and while you're at it, introduce yourself to the group as they set their sights on a big 2020 ahead:

Tell us about yourself?

Hey friends! We are ARCHIE, a sun lovin’ four-piece band from Canberra, named after our drummer’s dog. Within our music, we aim to capture the same love, energy and happiness that our little Archie gives us. We're stoked to be doing what we love together - putting good vibes into our recordings and live shows and having so much fun doing it.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

We write surfy, synth-soaked indie pop/rock music about the people, places and things we love; and occasionally the things we don’t love so much. The intention behind our music and live show is to give you an outlet for emotion but leave you with a smile on your face. We want people to have fun with our music, let their hair down and have a good boogie!

What are your production and writing processes like?

It varies from track to track but our writing process is largely collaborative! Sometimes the songs come quickly and sometimes they take their time! however they come, we make sure it is natural. Each of us are able to bring ideas to the group and from there we workshop them together to create a demo. After time and influence from our producer, the songs slowly take their final shape!

Any tour dates coming up?

Nothing we can reveal at this stage; we are currently looking for the right fit in terms of a booking agent! What we can say is that we are super keen to get on the road and travel our beautiful country, and play our music to its beautiful people.

What does 2020 have in store for you?

2020 has already been such an incredible year for us and we are so grateful to all those who have helped us get to where we are today! As for the future, in 2020 you can expect many new recordings, some super fun videos, a bunch of bigger and better shows and a whole lot of love! If we are really lucky maybe even a festival spot or two!

Where can we find more of your music?

You can find links to our music on all of our socials as well as Spotify and Apple Music! However, the best way to hear more of our music would be to bring your smiling face to a show (if we manage to pull one off in this crazy time)!

See ya then?? We bloody hope so! (just wash your hands pls)"


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