Listen: Angie Colman - Who Are You After Me?

Listen: Angie Colman - Who Are You After Me?

West Aussie artist on the rise gives us heartfelt new single of epic indie folk

Angie Colman has had a huge 12 months, with the Boorloo / Perth-based muso becoming a regular fixture on stages around town with her band, as a backup singer and, or course, in solo mode. 

Conveying raw emotion and passion in melodious fashion, her new single Who Are You After Me? pairs Colmans big, bold vocals with sparkling catchy guitar hook and rolling rhythm section, lyrically grappling with themes of heartbreak and friendship

Colman elaborates It’s about a very close and intimate friend of mine, who I treated poorly while we were friends in high school. I was in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship and was unable to be there for her through the shit she had going on in her life. I think and write about her a lot because she shaped so much of who I am today, and the song is a question to how I shaped her as well, and the lasting imprints people have on you, even years after you disconnect from them.”

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