EP Walkthru: J4

EP Walkthru: J4

The family unit/ musical project take us through the laugh, tears and hugs that went into the making of their debut self-titled EP.

A few months ago we got to know indie-poppers J4 a bit better as they released their single and accompanying video for Fast Lane. Today that release alongside previously released singles Medicine and Try to be Cool come together with two more infectiously hook-filled tracks to form the family unit/ musical projects debut self-titled EP J4

Born from romance, humor, and self reflection in their Naarm/ Melnourne lounge room during lockdowns, it’s an up-tempo collection that oozes with love and fun moments from start to finish. Not looking to take themselves too seriously and keeping to their theme of creativity at home, J4 cite British comedy shows Peep Show and The Mighty Boosh as two of their biggest inspirations. With this light-hearted flow of comedy and love lyrically entangled with bop-along beats, moving bass lines, warm electric guitars, and insatiable pop vocal harmonies, J4’s EP really comes together to form a unique and addictive experience. 

On the release J4 shares “Writing this EP was such a fun and cathartic experience for us. It was done mostly drunk, sitting in our living room during lockdown. It was the one thing that probably kept us sane throughout the whole thing. We  laughed, cried, hugged and sung our hearts out over the period of making this EP, and we're so happy it's finally out in the world. We hope it brings you as much love and joy as it brought us. We weren’t trying to be perfect. We used first takes of everything, so we didn’t over complicate lyrics or the way were playing.”

Be sure to hit play on J4 the self-titled EP below, as you take a read through what went into the making of each and every track. 


We had nothing to do and we were feeling extra emotional writing this one. It was the most fun to record because it was all of us belting out these harmonies huddled around the mic. We kept laughing at each other’s face while singing really passionately.

Try to Be Cool

This was the first song we wrote as a band. It's about high school rejection - Lewis was the nerd in high school and Bronte was the mean girl. Little did we know we would actually succeed and become cool. We changed the verses to a call and response when we were recording the final vocals.


We tried singing it in Aussie accents and it sounded terrible. This song is made with 100% real whistle and no real instruments.

Fast Lane

This song is about needing to retire from city life and move to the country, but never actually doing it. The line “I want something different” speaks to us in 10 years living on a farm, with a veggie patch, a bunch of rescued animals and a big studio out the back.” It was the last song added to the EP. We listened to The Veronicas one afternoon and we love the homage to them in the pre-chorus.

Side note: Lewis is a terrible driver and Bronte always drives us anywhere (in the Fast Lane obviously).

Believe It

We were feeling extra rock n roll. Jimi Hendrix graced Lewis' fingers that night cause it's the best electric guitar he's ever played, and probably ever will.

 J4 EP

J4’s self-titled EP is out now. 

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