Get to know Brisbane's BUGS, who just dropped a ripping new EP called Social Slump

Get to know Brisbane's BUGS, who just dropped a ripping new EP called Social Slump

They're about halfway through a pretty huge Aussie tour as well.

BUGS are a Brisbane-trio who've been pretty damn busy of late. Not only did they open Falls Festival after winning the Unearthed comp, they toured their single Neighbourhood right up to the release of their killer EP, Social Slump. Not ones to rest on any kind of laurels, BUGS unveiled Glue as their next single with an epic video clip and a full national tour to celebrate, one which they're currently embarking on.

They took a minute to answer a few questions for us, read on below and if you get the chance, go see 'em live at one of a heap of remaining shows this month.

Tell us about yourselves?

We’re just three average blokes from Brisbane making music for the everyday Australian. All of us are from pretty different backgrounds and personalities vary widely. Brock is a hard working pragmatic genius, Jordan is an infectious ball of positive energy and I (Connor) would like to the think that I fall somewhere between them (in the cracks) I guess haha. I’m really lucky to be playing music with two of my best mates, when it comes to the band we are all on the same page so that’s makes being pals even more fun and rewarding.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Think pop punk from the early '00s with an ocker frontman and a bunch of songs about growing up in a regional surf town. It’s kinda happy emo w/ jangly guitars!

Production/writing process:

Always changing, the last EP was written over two years in the gaps of touring so we would just demo/record whenever we could. But next release we are going to take a few weeks away in a country barn with heaps of room to make noise and smash out some music. All the songs are written, I write songs on the bus home from work in my head. The hard part is finding the time to develop and record them, but we are always learning and getting better at those things as a group.

Can you tell us more about your new EP, Social Slump?

Yeah it’s a bunch of songs with themes that are like reading my diary. Some jovial and fun, some more serious or sad. I like to be pretty honest with my lyrics but also want to keep it lighthearted to allow my music to be relatable. When you get too specific something loses accessibility and I don’t want our music to feel disconnected.

Any shows coming up?

Buncha shows! We are in the middle of lapping the country at the moment, it’s our biggest national tour to date and it's been pretty crazy selling out a tonne of shows on the east coast. Super excited for WA!!! First time over so should be a wild one!

Fri 8 Jun - Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast

Sat 9 Jun - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Thu 14 Jun - Prince Of Wales Hotel, Bunbury

Fri 15 Jun - Amplifier, Perth

Sat 16 Jun - The Odd Fellow, Fremantle

Fri 29 Jun - Saloon Bar, Launceston

Sat 30 Jun - Republic Bar, Hobart

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

At this stage it looks like we’ll be releasing another single in the next month or two and maybe a big tour announcement in a few weeks too, who knows!? Taking it all as it comes. Heaps of new music on the way though which is exciting!

Where can we hear more of your music?

At one of our shows this month!! Come have a boogie, we love the mood at our gigs. Super infectiously fun room. If not then you can stream it anywhere or buy independently on Bandcamp. We are DIY / no label involvement.


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