Cannabis Camp

Cannabis Camp

Welcome to the world’s first Bud & Breakfast.

Searching for the perfect high-daway? Feeling the need to inhale...some fresh air? Could do with a kush-cation? The world’s first marijuana resort, CannaCamp, has just opened in Colarado (where else?), on the outskirts of Mesa Verde National Park. CannaCamp spokesman Joel Schneider told the Associated Press: "We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood [American] summer camp, in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment."

The camp is a boutque resort sprawled across 170 acres and it sleeps 40, with a number of wooden cabins on the premises. Smoking is permitted anywhere but inside the cabins themselves (for safety reasons).  



Above: Rustic relaxin'

For $395 US per person, per night, you get accomodation, with all free drinks, meals, activities and classes included. Legally, they can’t give you any weed, but you can bring your own - a shuttle service from the local airport can whisk you to a marijuana dispensary on your way to the ranch even. Likewise, the camp’s “cannabis concierge” is on hand to connect guests with trusted local dispensaries. 

A gourmet menu at CannaCamp’s restaurant also has reccommended food and drink pairings for particular strains.

 CannaCamp 595x396

If you fancy a wander, lose yourself (probably literally) in the nearby national park, that’s teeming with wildlife. Even better, mountain bike through the forrest, or get involved in some of the other activities - kayaking, fishing, swimming, and wait for it - cannabis yoga, and cannabis art classes (“Canvas & Cannabis”).


Above: Weed Warrior Pose

If you’d rather do nothing than do things, you can just do this activity: lay by this pool and stare at the mountains all day. 

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For those keen to learn more about their habit, there’s a stoner school on location! Courses, workshops and “interactive” learning have all been programmed by Cultivating Spirits, with the classes run by cannabis chefs, wellness types and scientific-y people called “pharmacologic cannabis pioneers”.

cannabis research professor 

CannaCamp is expected to open July 1 and is now accepting reservations - click here to check when's the best time to book to get blazed. Follow CannaCamp on Facebook here.

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