The 10 Best Tunes of the Week | 2023 Week 33

The 10 Best Tunes of the Week | 2023 Week 33

Catch up on the best new tunes of the week from the likes of D4VD, DJ Shadow, LSDXOXO, PEEKABO, Flowdan & Skrillex and more!

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With so much new music coming out each and every day, it can be hard to listen to everything... but we'll be damned if we don't try. Here are our favourite tunes from the week that was from the likes 44 Ardent, 700 FEEL, D4VD, DJ Shadow, Interpol, LSDXOXO, Moss, RIIKI REID, Rinehearts and Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Flowdan, & G-Rex!

44 Ardent - Don't Give Up On Me

700 FEEL - Familiar Flavours

700 FEEL - Familiar Flavours

DJ Shadow - Ozone Scraper

Interpol - Greenwich (Daniel Avery Interpolation)

LSDXOXO - J'adore

Moss - New Age Dreaming (feat. The Boy of Many Colors)

RIIKI REID - Home With Me

Rinehearts - Could You Would You

Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Flowdan, & G-Rex - Badders

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our singles with our favourite music videos of the week and a stack of other new sounds we've been feeling in our Office playlist - 150 of the best tunes from the last few weeks.

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