The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 15

The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 15

Soak up the best new sights and sounds of the week including new music videos from Caribou, Goat Girl, Laufey, Porches and more!

Image credit: Still from Caribou's 'Honey' video

Music videos are artistic extensions of the songs themselves, with many visual accompaniments becoming just as, if not more iconic than the songs they were created for. As usual, some of our favourite songs of the week also had some of our favourite videos, with this week's list including Beth Gibbons, Caribou, GIMMY, Goat Girl, Joyer, Laufey, METZ, Porches, The Gluts and The Lemon Twigs.

Beth Gibbons - Reaching Out

Legendary Portishead vocalist delivers the second single from her forthcoming debut solo album in the form of reaching out - an experimental cut of baroque pop that pairs cinematic strings, urgent drums and striking horns with Gibbon’s iconic voice. Teaming up with Weirdcore (Aphex Twin, Arca) for the innovative video, Reaching Out does feature a “normal” video but the true joy lies in the interactive version. Featuring “4D” models of Beth freefalling through a kinetic & evolving sci-fi spacescape, the graphics give off early 2000s nostalgic vibes with listener/watcher able to warp space and perspective in the interactive version, leading to many repeat listens and time… well spent. Beth Gibbons’ new album Lives Outgrown is out May 17 via Domino.

Caribou - Honey

Dan Snaith is back and more playful than ever on his latest offering as Caribou. Sounding a bit more like what we’d expect from his dancier production moniker Daphni, Honey is four-and-a-half minutes of old school speed garage influenced house vibes, pairing skipping drums with trippy vocal samples, classic Caribou synths and a show stealing, wubbed out bassline kicking in euphorically following some tension-building teases. Teaming up with old mate Kieran Hebden (AKA Four Tet) for arrangement duties, the track also Snaith team up with Richard Kenworthy for the infinite regression fever dream video. Featuring a whole stack of flamingos and pink tinged colours and landscapes, the Mandelbrot-esque video shows you don’t need drugs to have fun. Out now via Merge.

GIMMY - Bathrooms

Gimme more GIMMY! Hot on the heels of the awesome Things Look Different Now, the Gemma Owens led, Byron-based garage rockers are back with their forthcoming album’s second single. Taking things in a more playful direction than their previous post punk cut, Bathrooms fuses elements from new wave and art rock, taking cues from the likes of Talking Heads, B-52s and David Bowie. Capturing the 80s vibes of the track beautifully is the music video, filmed around the Northern Rivers / Bundjalung Country, featuring some idiosyncratic, synchronised sequences… and Bathrooms, of course. GIMMY’s new album Things Look Different Now is out May 31 via Third Eye Stimuli.

Goat Girl - motorway

Easily the cheekiest video of the week comes from English post-punk experimentalists Goat Girl, for their vibesy new single, motorway. Opening sounding more like a mid-00s synth driven hip hop cut, motorway soon gives way to a waltzy tempo before settling into 4/4, headnod inducing drums, resulting in an addictive cut of atmospheric sounds. Meanwhile, the captivating music video was directed by in-demand choreographer and director Holly Blakey (Florence & The Machine, Harry Styles and Rosalia amongst others) and features some dancers dressed (or in some places, not dressed…) in archival Vivienne Westwood pieces as they perform some enthralling dance moves. Goat Girl’s new album Below The Waste is out June 7 via Rough Trade / Remote Control Records.

Joyer - Softer Skin

NYC-based brothers Nick and Shane Sullivan are nearly ready to release their third studio album as Joyer, with the latest offering Softer Skin a juxtaposing affair, pairing harsh, noisy and angular passages with soft and tender verses, channelling golden era early 90s slacker rock and shoegaze sounds. The gorgeous, watercolour style music video gives off some Watership Down energy, telling the tale of a warring dog and skunk where all is not as it first seems. Joyer’s new album Night Songs is out April 26 via Hit The North Records.

Laufey - Goddess

Widely lauded Icelandic-Chinese artist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Laufey returns with a stunning new short film for new single Goddess. Teaming up with Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe-nominated and Spirit Award-winning director Celine Song (Past Lives), Goddess stars Laufey alongside Will Gao (Netflix’s “Heartstopper” and Wasia Project). Shot on gorgeous 35mm in Brooklyn, Goddess tells a tale of love, heartbreak and self-discovery… oh and the piano-led composition of chamber pop is pretty amazing, too.

METZ - Superior Mirage

The last single from Toronto punk rock trio METZ’ new album sees them going atmospheric and driving rock and roll with some synthpop touches, noticeably employing a drum machine - something different for the band that worked to great effect, as the single builds to big, soaring choruses. Another fun, watercolour style music video for the week, the clip for Superior Mirage features some devils cruising around the desert (Fear And Loathing, anyone), interspersed with an animated version of the band jamming out. METZ’s new album Up On Gravity Hill is out now via Sub Pop.

Porches - Rag

NYC mainstay Aaron Maine returns as Porches for the first time since 2021’s All Day Gentle Hold ! LP, delivering a new single that pairs grunge and indie rock vibes to great effect, switching from mellow verses to big, fuzzed out choruses and featuring some tasty arrangement tricks. Channelling the throwback vibes of the song is the music video that sees Maine and band performing in a white studio adorned with nostalgic props ranging from a chain link fence to kids sandpit toys and the show stealing swing set. Out now via Domino.

The Gluts - Fight

Milan-based psych-punks The Gluts new music video couldn’t hit much harder for me if it tried… yes, pun intended, as the clip sees a stack of heavily edited, deep fried footage from classic beat em up and fighting games (including Street Fighter 2 and I THINK one of the Double Dragon games) alongside chaotic, energetic live gig footage and b roll. The tune goes hard too, fusing everything from post-punk to noise and psych-rock, featuring a blistering instrumental outro. The Gluts’ new album BANG! Is out May 31 via Fuzz Club.

The Lemon Twigs - How Can I Love Her More?

If you ever wanted to know what it might sound like if The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Monkees jumped in a time machine in the mid-60s and landed in a studio in 2024, I reckon we might get something close to How Can I Love Her More? by retro revivalists The Lemon Twigs. Irresistibly feel good with it’s horn sections and theremins and all the classic vibes, the video features some of the sibling’s signature humour and throwback editing tricks. The Lemon Twigs’ new album A Dream Is All We Know is out May 3 via Captured Tracks / Remote Control Records.

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our favourite singles of the week and a stack of other new music we've been feeling in our Spotify playlist.

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