Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Le Shiv

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Le Shiv

The Sydney outfit talk up their current faves

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Written by Ella Stewart

Sydney's Le Shiv (formerly The Ruminaters) are fresh from a successful national tour in support of their debut EP, New World Colour. Its six tracks offer contemporary indie-edged pop through a kaleidoscopic lens. For Australian Music Is Bloody Great, vocalist and guitarist Pencil draws up a list of current Australian music favourites.

The Belair Lip Bombs - Gimme Gimme

01 Belair Lip2

Everything about this band I’ve been loving. The guitars, bass, drumming, singing, the whole thing is great.

Royel Otis - Big Ciggie

02 Royel3

This band has been doing pretty well recently. This track is the final on their debut album, Pratts and Pain. I just love it, it’s a different vibe to what they’ve been putting out and I think its pretty loose, pretty fun. There's a good energy about the whole track.

Crocodylus - Untitled

03 Crocodylus2

I got the pleasure to work alongside these guys and produce a few songs off this album, Muscle Memory. I remember Josh (bass and vocals) showing me this song for the first time before the album came out. I think its my favourite song I’ve heard him write and my favourite song off the album.

Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Outside Looking In

04 Dr Sure2

I was at a show playing with them recently - they played this song and it blew my mind.

Le Shiv - Sing My Last Song

05 Le Shif2

This track is from our new EP, New World Colour. This song is probably one of my favourite ones on the EP, if not one of my favourite songs we’ve done to date. It’s a big ol’ synth ballad-y track.

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