Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Rainbow Chan

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Rainbow Chan

Rainbow Chan tells us what's coulouring her world in Australian music right now

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Written by Cameron Menegoni

Hong Kong-born, currently Melbourne-based award-winning interdisciplinary alt-pop artist Rainbow Chan has recently announced her forthcoming third album, The Bridal Lament. Inspired by a Hong Kong folk tale, the first taste of the album, Seven Sisters, is a celebration of female empowerment, resilience and the unwavering strength of sisterhood. To get us into the mood, Rainbow Chan takes us through her current Australian favorites including Small Island Big Song, Rebel Yell and Yeo.

Ripple Effect Band - Loving And Caring

01 Ripple

Loving and Caring is a new single from Ripple Effect Band, an all-women’s rock band from Maningrida. I had the pleasure of working with them a few years back and they are such lovely, awesome people. This single is dedicated to a departed loved one and is all about bringing love, positivity and light to those who are suffering grief. I love the roots-reggae influences as well as the experimentation with autotune on this track. It’s really refreshing, it’s totally infectious and sends a hopeful and bright message to the world. Lets face it, we probably all need a little bit of love in our lives right now.

Small Island Big Song - Lament For A Dying Ocean

02 Small

This album is an international collaboration, bridging cultures across the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Putad uses vocals techniques from her Aboriginal heritage and combines them with rock and punk. The result is a harrowing, evocative and beautiful track that also raises awareness about climate crisis and it’s impact on Island nations. [It's] something that we all should be paying attention to.


03 700

Next up we have Familiar Flavours by Sydney outfit 700 Feel. I saw them perform last year during FBi’s SMAC Festival at the Oxford Art Factory and really loved their set that combines chopped and pasted samples among dark, electronic synth lines with throbbing bass. This song continues in that trajectory and is so rhythmic, frenetic and danceable.

Tkay Maidza - Ring-A-Ling

04 Tkay

I love some good onomatopoeia as a hook for a song. I also love the production on this track and I think her delivery is sublime on this. The verses are great, the flow is great and the chorus is catchy. This is taken from her second album Sweet Justice, which is coming out in November. I can’t wait to hear more.

Rebel Yell - Kombat

05 Rebel

We’re going heat things up a bit with a new track by Rebel Yell called Kombat (yes, with a 'k'!) Just going to get those BPMs increased a bit, [and] get our heart-rate up. All the distortion and washy vocals work well on this very industrial and heavy-hitting dance number. Great performer, great producer.

Grievous Bodily Calm - Spirals

06 GBC

This next song is by Grievous Bodily Calm, a five-piece instrumental outfit from Boorloo (Perth). Really loving the genre-bending collision of melodies and rhythms in this song, Spirals, which is taken from their latest release, Cascades. [It] reminds me a bit of Broken Social Scene, a little bit of the Avalanches or Hiatus Kaiyote-style songs. Lots of breakbeats, improvisation and jazzy harmonies mixed in with retro-analogue synths.

Yeo - 试探 TENTATIVE Feat. Melodia Kong 孔藝弦

07 Yeo

The next song is by Yeo and it’s his collaboration with Melodia Kong on a track called 试探 TENTATIVE. It’s smooth and silky. The jazzy harmonies with RnB influences are absolutely delicious and I’m always in awe of people who can write in a tonal language, as writing lyrics in Mandarin is quite difficult. So applause! Great stuff.

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