Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Fig

Australian Music Is Bloody Great: Fig

The Sydney band's frontperson offers up his current faves

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Amrap’s national radio show Australian Music Is Bloody Great features Australian artists presenting their favourite recent Australian music. Australian Music Is Bloody Great’s previous hosts range from Dune Rats to Sampa The Great to Phil Jameison.

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Written by Joshua Kreusler

Established in 2017 as a project led by singer and guitarist Tim Burnett, Fig soon after expanded into a band that converted Burnett's demos into a complete album, Harumi Hotel in 2018. Their latest album, No Need to Rest, marks a major shift in ther sound - full of vintage synths, and shoegaze guitar with some exciting guest features. Tim shares some of his current favourite Australian music contemporaries below.

Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys - Can't Have It All

01 Caitlin

[Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys] are the best band in Australia right now, in my opinion. Their first album, Late Night Essentials, was my favourite record from 2020 and the new one, All Night Long, is just as good. The song I've picked has just about the best intro, middle and outro that you could ever want in a song.

Skeleten - Sharing The Fire

02 Skeleten

I was introduced to this song when I directed the music video for it. It was a pretty fun time and I think this is my favourite from the new record.

Dominic Breen - The Pits

03 Dominic

Dominic's first record, Blue Volume, was my favourite of 2021. This song is a really cool move in a darker direction. I love it.

Babitha - Happy Person

04 Babitha

Sunscreen - Drain

05 Sunscreen

My cousin Alex plays in Sunscreen, so I'm a bit biased when I say they're up there as one of the best bands in Australia right now.

Fig - Our Night

06 fIG

We just released our second album called No Need To Rest. This one is at the tail end of the record, it is sort of a drive-y fun one. It is about two people who decide to make the best of a kind of bad situation and enjoy a night together.

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