Photo Gallery: Stephen Sanchez w/ GRAACE - April 29, Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Photo Gallery: Stephen Sanchez w/ GRAACE - April 29, Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Viral wunderkind Nashville singer-songwriter returned down under to woo audiences for the second time in 12 months

All images by Oliver Cafferky (@r.ollerdoor)

Stephen Sanchez is truly a 2020s artist… who also just happens to be in his 20s, his early 20s, being just 22 years of age. It’s been less than four years since he first posted on TikTok, rapidly attracting hundreds of thousands of followers (with his TikTok following now sitting at over 2 million alone).

With his big breakthrough single Until I Found You cementing his superstar status in 2021, Sanchez has been riding high ever since, releasing a steady stream of singles, a few EPs and touring constantly, including what was surely a life-affirming moment - joining Elton John for his final show headlining Glastonbury in 2023.

Sanchez also made his way to Australia in 2023 and must have had such a good time, that less than 12 months on from that tour, he was back and better than ever. We were at his Sydney show at the Enmore Theatre where he was supported by the amazing GRAACE - checkout the action:


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Stephen Sanchez:

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