Ninamarlena x J-Dart

Ninamarlena x J-Dart

Combining skulls with photo projection from two sides of Australia.

Perth artist Nina Oswald AKA Ninamarlena and Melbourne's Justin Davies AKA J-Dart have joined forces in a collaborative project that combines the core processes of their respective artistic work. And as you can see in these photos, the end result is some vividly colourful graphic skull ornaments that come with a corresponding camouflage print series. With fabric patterns developed from standard photographs taken by J-Dart and transformed into striking pixilated grids, kaleidoscopic visuals and electrical imagery, it brings together two rather different art forms for something entirely unique.

Davies has produced the patterns from "anything at all; I’ve photographed grass, water ripples, scabs, milk and mouldy food”. Following heavy image distortion through a variety of digital and analogue means, this colab with Oswald has seen his patterns flipped, mirrored, rotated and repeated into a tangible form, printed onto cotton and applied to a skull base shape. Oswald has then carefully cut the fabric into strips, applying it to the skull using water based glue, with the fabric being wrapped and pushed into the curves and crevices to avoid any loss of detail and finished with a high gloss acrylic spray. Of the collaboration Oswald said; “I feel like our work certainly compliments one another's due to the overarching themes present in both; the camouflaging of forms, the human body and use of eclectic patterns; I think that’s why this collaboration was so successful.”

nina marlena j dart01

nina marlena j dart02

nina marlena j dart03

nina marlena j dart04

nina marlena j dart05

nina marlena j dart06

The collaboration has released a limited edition of 16 skulls; 4 of each pattern at $120 each and 30 prints; 10 of each pattern at $30 each. You can also purchase the 3 skull designs as a package for $300 and print package for $75. Stock is available through


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