Video: Pond - Zond

Video: Pond - Zond

Nothing will ever make sense again.

Read our recent interview with Pond HERE.

Pond have been making waves recently with their video for Elvis’ Flaming Star and were so kind to let us ask them about how they’re big fans of The Mighty Boosh (interview above), and now they’ve gone and sent this as part of their latest video: “Probably the hardest part of making this was finding three elderly citizens who looked identical to what our computer projections told us Jay, Joe and Nick will look like in the twilight of their lives.” Spoiler: they just dyed their hair grey. But that isn’t the point, the point is that once you’ve watched the confusing, brain-self-destruct-inducing video that is Zond you won’t know what the point is. They’ve taken glam-rock and had it fertilise post-modernity and voila! Zond is also a damn good song on its own fusing their earlier massive rock breakdowns with some serious spaced-out moments. So keep an eye out for their album Man, It Feels Like Space Again coming out 23 January and their just announced Laneway sideshows:

Tues 3 FebThe Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thurs 5 FebOxford Art Factory, Sydney

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