Video: Highasakite - Leaving No Traces

Video: Highasakite - Leaving No Traces

Highasakite's latest video for Leaving No Traces is a conceptual release focusing on relationship but culture and nature.

Highasakite's latest video clip for Leaving No Trace appears as a conceptual shoot looking into the relationship between nature and culture. Indeed, it seems to say that nature and culture cannot coexist together because as we embrace one we lose the other. We see shots of the band present within the natural landscape unclothed as if to symbolise a sense of union before they gradually become clothed and the landscape recedes. The video clip also sees the original record tempo slowed down at the beginning into a slowly melody that focuses your attention on the angelic vocals of Helen Havik. And the use of stop start motion shots as nature gradually recedes as the song peaks provides a strong antithesis to strengthen the power of the synenergy of the video and song. Highasakite will also be here for Laneway 2015 and have a few sideshows, the dates are below:

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Tuesday 27th January - Metro Theatre / Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 4th February -
 Corner Hotel / Melbourne, VIC

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