New: Redial - Don't You Feel *Premiere*

New: Redial - Don't You Feel *Premiere*

Redial returns to Aus' dance music bringing some serious noise.

For those of us who were balls-deep in the electro-haze of 2007-09 Redial will be a familiar name, bringing an impressive set of banging remixes and originals to clubs and festivals around the country. After we assume spending a little time on tropical islands sipping coconuts and chilling out (basically 'cause we wish were doing the same thing), Redial is back and has entered the Aussie trap realm with a sound that still feels fresh - no doubt down to the fact the dude's serious production chops haven't gone anywhere. It all starts out pretty chill, before kicking into gear and going into a few unexpected areas over the four-minute journey.



A unique indoor dance event hitting Syd and Melb this June.

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