New Music - Kitty, '❄♡Frostbite♡❄' EP

New Music - Kitty, '❄♡Frostbite♡❄' EP

Danny Brown's fave female rapper Kitty makes a drastic move into pop with new EP '❄♡Frostbite♡❄'

New York-via-Florida's Kitty (ex-Kitty Pryde) is taking her bedroom rap / Tumblr game into the world of sugary pop, introducing us to her new, lighter approach on just released EP ❄♡Frostbite♡❄. Listening to the five-track ❄♡Frostbite♡❄ is going to come as a bit of a shock for Kitty fans - after all, this is the chick that toured the States supporting Danny Brown (and smartly weighed in on the whole infamous blow job on stage thing), collabed with Riff Raff and made cutesy bedroom rap videos featuring left field weirdos such as Lakutis (Ay Shawty). Kitty's not mad at rap though, she just wasn't confident making it anymore - "I kind of got over hip-hop, and got over writing sad weird songs, and I started writing these pop songs," Kitty told VICE, "I think one of the reasons my songs are getting happier is because I like them now."

❄♡Frostbite♡❄ still sees Kitty maintaining a DIY approach; and the croaky-sweet voice and awesome flow that made her stand-out in her raps is still just as captivating across pop beats, and in singing mode. If you ever listed to the daydreamy Swedish electro-pop of singer Sally Shapiro you'll know the coolly imperfect, catchy feel of Kitty's vocal presence.

The swishy, soaring beats on ❄♡Frostbite♡❄ have that feel of 90s dance music - D O S S is another artist doing this sound well right now. The story behind all of the production on the EP (except for one track) is pretty interesting actually - Kitty got way into a bunch of remixes of the children's show My Little Pony, that a bedroom producer from Arizona’s, Matt R (who is pretty big in the Brony community - which is the term used for grown-ass white men who are obsessed with My Little Pony) uploaded to Youtube - Kitty contacted him and acquired the instrumentals. 

Hoaxxx, however, was produced by Guy Akimoto, from rising collective PC Music (SOPHIE, A.G. Cook, Hannah Diamond, S-Type), who are making a name or themselves with their signature warped pop work. It's a pretty great track; made interesting by unusual instrumentation and odd, jerky phrasing.

Not sure how much longevity it has, but this new direction looks mighty fine on Kitty. Stream the EP below (go-tos if you're short on time: Miss You, Hoaxxx): 

Now let's revisit one of Kitty Pryde's older tracks Ay, Shawty... just 'coz <3

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