New Music: Indian Summer - Loveweights Feat. Shaqdi

New Music: Indian Summer - Loveweights Feat. Shaqdi

A dulcet tone infused slow-burner from the steadily rising duo that are Indian Summer.

After wrapping a short tour in America where we were given an exclusive tour diary that showed off the glory that is Indian Summer they're now back in Australia with a new single. It's titled Loveweights and features vocals from Swedish vocalist Shaqdi. Loveweights starts out minimal with a tingling piano and a rough filter before it gradually builds to add in the delicate voice of Shaqdi and a warbling percussion. Shaqdi's voice then cuts through the track for a solo highlight of her angelic tones that then meld smoothly with the dry percussion. And throughout all of it that rough filter remains giving the track this sense of imperfection that makes the track as a whole feel far more natural. Keep your eyes peeled for the accompanying video clip, as we may know who had a hand in producing it ;)

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