10/10 Would Listen: Bad Noose Independent Press

10/10 Would Listen: Bad Noose Independent Press

The BNIP boys select a bunch of 10/10 tracks that have got them feeling feelings lately.

So it's been a while since Bad Noose put together a 10/10 post for us, but expect them doing things for us on the regular in 2015! They've put together a list of tracks (some new, some old) that they have been feeling so far they year.

Forced Order - Retribution

Turnstile - Can't Deny It

Mizery - Survive The Vibe

Title Fight - Chlorine

Nothing - July The Fourth

Miles Away - Let The Words Roll By

Imprisoned - Etched Into My Mind

Reactions - Death Creep

Atlas Losing Grip - Shallow

Blacklisted - Deeper Kind

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Header image by Denis Radacic courtesy of Xpress

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