RTRFM's New Brekky Host Set To Kick Off Radiothon 2023

RTRFM's New Brekky Host Set To Kick Off Radiothon 2023

On the eve of beloved Boorloo/Perth radio station’s massive annual fundraiser, we catch up with new Breakfast presenter Pam Boland

August means one thing at RTRFM and that one thing is its annual subscription drive, Radiothon, where they call on listeners to subscribe and donate in order to help the station stay on air and play some of the best tunes you’ll hear in W.A. (and abroad!).

Celebrating 46 years of broadcasting, this year RTR is asking listeners to “Stick With Us”, with Radiothon kicking off at 6am on Friday, August 11, with a live broadcast from The Bird, before a massive Northbridge takeover of four venues for the annual Radiothon Party on August 12, before a week of wild radio, with Radiothon wrapping up on August 20.

RTRFM has been a beloved fixture of WA music, culture and community since 1977, and we fully intend to stick around for many more years to come,” says RTRFM General Manager Simon Miraudo.

But that can only happen with the help of the very loyal RTRFM community. So we’re asking people to ‘stick with us’ and subscribe or donate whatever they can in 2023.”

The funds raised during Radiothon are essential for the station’s survival, covering everything from license fees to equipment and staffing costs. Those who subscribe during Radiothon this year will enter the draw for a wide range of prizes, including holiday getaways, culinary delights, live music packages and more - see here for all details.

With RTRFM’s iconic breakfast show running every weekday morning from 6am til 9am, its already a jam packed show full of guests and interviews from the music, culture, arts scenes and more, as well as live music treats and regular segments. During Radiothon, Breakfast ramps things up to 11, so it’s a very exciting time for the station’s new Breakfast presenter, Pam Boland, to be stepping into the role for her first Radiothon in the slot.

A day ahead of Radiothon kicking off with Breakfast with Pam live from The Bird, we caught up with Pam to find out all about it!

Pam Boland RTRFM

Image credit: Danielle Raffele

Congrats on taking over the Breakfast slot at RTRFM! What are you looking forward to the most about the role?

Is it cheating to say everything? Truly, it’s a dream job, so I even get excited sitting at my desk and sending emails.

Platforming under-represented artists and voices has long been the priority at RTRFM, it fills me with unbridled (bordering on silly amounts of) pride and joy to continue that special work in the Brekky slot.

Why is Radiothon important for RTRFM & why should people subscribe?

RTRFM exists for community and because of community. The station and all it’s arms and legs stretch out across Perth to support the cultural fabric of our city, amplifying different sounds and ideas and connecting local people to local stories!

During Radiothon we ask folks to help us keep the community on-air!

The financial contributions from subscribers during Radiothon makes up 30% of our annual operations costs and ensures we can continue to make and share independent radio for years to come, remain a platform of Perth’s diverse cultural scene and continue to bring local sounds, unique events and engaging talks programming to keep those subscribers and all listeners inspired and informed!

RTRFM exists for people who believe it’s important to hear local music, local stories, and diverse voices on their airwaves. If this is you… subscribe! Stick with us!

How does it feel becoming the new Breakfast presenter at such an exciting time of year?

It’s definitely a baptism of fire, but in a good way! Warm, celebratory fire, like a fireplace at Christmas aaaand Radiothon is like Christmas at RTR!

We all gather around and share in love (subscriptions) and presents (subscriber prizes) and nobody really knows what day it is, but it doesn’t matter… you’re with your loved ones and celebrating Christmas (Radiothon).

Maybe that’s a bit of a busy analogy but safe to say, I have loved RTR for a long time and I can’t wait for it to be Christmas time (Radiothon).

Tell us about the radio people will hear from August 11 to August 20 during Radiothon?

We kick it all off on Friday August 11th with Breakfast broadcast live from The Bird. Listeners can pop down for an early morning boogie as Nest FM DJ’s kick off Radiothon!
Then across the station we’ve got lots of special guests, you’re favourite RTRFM shows are gathering all their presenters for all-star shows, Breakfast has got some special guests and familiar voices popping in for a chat across the week.

Over the 10 days you’ll hear us talk about why love RTRFM, how you can get involved and support the station, prizes you can win...

If you were eligible to win prizes, what would you have your eye on?

There’s a few down south getaways up for grabs that look pretty gorgeous, or a bit of downtime at Bodhi J spa but the stand-outs for me are the turntable and feature record bundle from Rhubarb Records, or two days of recording at Tone City Recording down in Yallingup, a great opportunity for new bands to get a first single recorded.

There’s TRULY something for everyone in the prizes this year. You need a bike? We got you. Coffee machine on the blink? There’s one up for grabs. Love live music? Multiple prizes could fill your cup. I’m serious, the prizes this year are GREAT.

With this year’s theme of ‘stick with us’, do you have a story about sticking with RTRFM (or RTRFM sticking with you!)?

I’ve always felt supported by RTRFM and ‘stuck by’ in the larger sense but I do have an RTRFM sticker on my car that has made it through four Perth summers, it’s faded and wrinkled but it’s still there, stuck with me.

RTRFM has been around way longer than that sticker and I hope we’re around for a long time to come. So… make like my bumper and that sticker and STICK WITH US!

What can people expect from the kick off party at 6am at The Bird on Friday, August 11?

Dancing, mimosas, Henny and Cooper from Nest FM on the decks (and airwaves), coffees and bagels aaaaand me talking about how much I love RTRFM and why you should subscribe.

Who are you most excited to catch at the Radiothon party?

The lineup is stacked so I’m gonna be getting my steps in zipping between all the venues.

Really looking forward to the sets curated by Ningaloo Records upstairs at The Rechabite, downstairs I’ll be hanging out for Lazer Gator (their recent Slightly Odway has been stuck in my head all week) and Last Quokka! Anna Schneider at The Bird is a must, I can’t resist a little sing along! A boogie with Curlisu at Ezra Pound is absolutely on the cards so…. catch me trying be in six places at once for the whole night!

RTRFM Radiothon Party 2023
Saturday August 12, 7pm, ‘til late

Anna Schneider // Black n Blue DJs // Burn The Airwaves DJs // Catherine Traicos // Curlisu // DJ Folly // Echo Omen // Lee Vixen and Emily Jane // Foxy Morons // Giant Steps DJs // Grunge Barbie // Happenings // Jaise // Krpsis // LaLa // Last Quokka // Lazer Gator // Manikin // Moyamoya // Nervous // Ningaloo Records presents Gratts, Reb, Josh Grainger b2b Daniel Dalton // Pale Ribbons Tossed in the Dark // Tara C

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