Childish Gambino on moving to rap: "It was a bad decision but it worked out great!"

Childish Gambino on moving to rap: "It was a bad decision but it worked out great!"

Just chilling with Conan ahead of Listen Out.

When Childish Gambino first launched what has turned out to be a pretty damn successful career in music/rap, most people were like, "Oh hey look the funny guy from Community is doing rap now." You probably don't remember 'cause you were totally on board from the get go, but a lot of people kinda brushed it off as a novelty. Then he started putting out big tunes. And now he's one of, if not the most anticipated acts playing at Listen Out festival, which kicks off in Melbourne and Perth this weekend. Chatting to Conan recently he talked about making that transition from comedy to a rap music career. The fact he's talented has made it a pretty enjoyable ride for his fans, but the fact he seems like a pretty chill, laid back dude, makes it even better:


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