Listen: The Meeting Tree - R U A Cop?

Listen: The Meeting Tree - R U A Cop?

One Day Sunday kings Joyride and Raph go in, guns blazing, on a new project.

Jackie Onassis producer Raph 'Mr Sydney' Lauren and singer/DJ Joyride, AKA Rowan Dix, are the founding fathers of One Day, a series of boss hip hop block parties that have spread through the nation like wildfire. Recently, Joyride and Raph combined their powerful personalities and very real taste in rap for a new artistic outlet (/“revenue stream for expensive watches and unnecessary Versace accessories”) called The Meeting Tree.

If you think the name 'The Meeting Tree' sounds like a hippie centre for spiritual awakening, then so do we. Recently, they sent forth their first progeny, R U A Cop?, featuring Adam “Adamio” Hyde, one half of full-time party / some-times DJ duo, Peking Duk. The beat is positively blazing; with plenty of trap horns, dancehall swagger and some whistling that could give Claude VonStroke a run for his money. Joyride goes in over the above with more than a touch of outsider rap-inspired irony: "Hey kids, whatttts uppp, I'm tryin ta get high in the club… Suckin’ on my ding-a-ling… feel good don’t it?" As you can see, the lyrics are very complex, pointing to some kind of narrative about members of the police force going undercover and trying to lure club-goers into set-ups involving drugs and sexual favours in the clubs. Not cool, cops. We appreciate this track: Raph’s boldness and dexterity on the beat, Joyride’s sly effortlessness, TBH not sure which part of the beat the Peking Duk guy did but yay for him too. Stream it below.

Could The Meeting Tree be Australia's hottest music clique of 2015? Or at a minimum, Redfern's? Find out for yourself - their EP is out via iTunes now, and you can catch Raph and Joyride performing this Saturday as The Meeting Tree at Jack Rabbit Slim's, details HERE and below. 

RUACOP 619 386

Follow The Meeting Tree: INSTAGRAM / SOUNDCLOUD

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