Kota Banks takes us BTS of that fire video clip for her latest single, Holiday

Kota Banks takes us BTS of that fire video clip for her latest single, Holiday

The brightest and bubbliest video of 2017.

All photos by Tiffany Williams.

A few weeks back NLV Records announced their latest signee Kota Banks, replete with one of this year's biggest pop bangers in Holiday. Not only does the track absolutely bang, the video clip that comes with it is a scorcher, directed by Ella Carey alongside an all-girl production crew. We were fortunate enough to be sent a whole bunch of behind the scenes photos from the shoot, that you can check out below with some narration courtesy of Kota herself:

kota banks bts video 01

If someone were to ask me to sum up Holiday in one picture, I’d show them this picture. A quintessential vacation visual: pineapples, pics and pinacolada. (And a flamingo? Idk.)

kota banks bts video 02

Gals gals gals. Serving sass in the final photo of the day after we’d sipped on pineapple juice and danced all day long.

kota banks bts video 03

Girl power continues. The songwriter, A&R and video director aka “dream team” unite for a victory pic after weeks of planning and stressing over what types of candy to use as prop food. #toughcalls

kota banks bts video 04

Tangible confirmation that the day was pure sunshine and rainbows.

kota banks bts video 05

Kota gesticulating wog-style in between takes / expressing her appreciation for the camera crew’s banter.

kota banks bts video 06

The cover art for the song!! Shot by the incredible Tiffany Williams mid-“pineapple juice, ocean view” lip-sync, most likely.

kota banks bts video 07

Us trying to shake off the early-morning still asleep vibes by having a lil dance/pool party.

kota banks bts video 08

Summer vibes / girl power in full effect!

kota banks bts video 09

The prop food we gorged ourselves on throughout the day. Ella, the director had to reprimand us multiple times - we ended up having to take the donuts away between the takes because none of the girls could resist the sweets!

kota banks bts video 10

Plotting ways to sneak treatz in between takes.

kota banks bts video 11

Just six brats on holiday. Perhaps the girliest, most “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibe of the whole day. The smoke machine was intense, we felt pretty feminine and bad ass.

kota banks bts video 12

Let all the boys know this is what really goes down at girls’ sleepovers.

kota banks bts video 13

This confetti was amazing, but super loud when it “popped” - but we had to get a fair few takes of this scene because we kept reacting in shock to the sound of the explosion!

kota banks bts video 14

No Kota music vid would be complete without a shout out to NLV Records of course…

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