Introducing DVNA, who just dropped a wickedly smooth debut single, Girl On The Move

Introducing DVNA, who just dropped a wickedly smooth debut single, Girl On The Move

The Gold Coast producer/singer/songwriter needs to be on your radar.

Gold Coast-based artist DVNA has very quickly shot on to our radar with her debut single, the appropriately titled Girl On The Move. Written/produced entirely on her kitchen bench, it's groovy little number that really leaves you wanting more as it winds down over a gone-to-soon three-and-a-bit minutes.

A new arrival on the Australian music scene, but one we think is seriously worth keeping an eye on, get to know DVNA a little better below:

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a low-key 24 year old producer/artist that loves to make music in my bedroom on the Gold Coast. I’m a pisces, I love food, I have my own radio show and I once fell asleep at a Rolling Stones concert. Both parents being musicians, I grew up on all different kinds of music, from Silverchair to The Beatles and even some Frank Zappa. Music has always been something I have taken very seriously. Even though I have been singing and songwriting my entire life, it’s only been in the last two years that I have taken on production. Youtube tutorials and three years studying music at uni has allowed me the creative freedom to produce my own music and I’m loving it.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

It’s funny, I can never really put all of my eggs into one basket because I write across a lot of different genres. Majority of the time it’ll be soul grooves, along the lines of The Internet or Kaytranada. But sometimes I will write an indie ballad on the guitar or piano. It really depends on my mood.

Production/writing process:

To me, producing music is so addicting. I have fallen in love with the idea that I can make absolutely anything that I want when I want. And I do. Inspiration will come to me through either a song, a story or even fashion at the most random times. I remember I went to visit an old boyfriend once and stayed out in the car an extra half hour before going in, just because I needed to get an idea down and had my laptop with me. The production side of things happens really fast. My hand will start to cramp because I’m on the trackpad clicking so quickly. Once I’ve got somewhat of a structure and general direction, I will start to hum melodies and sing ‘temporary’ lyrics. I generally like to write about stories my friends have told me in confidence. I think they may stop telling me their secrets soon because it turns up in a song a couple of weeks later.

Can you tell us about your new single, Girl On The Move?

Girl On The Move was written extremely quickly. I was resonating with Anderson .Paak’s album Malibu and a couple of Hiatus Kaiyote tracks around that time and started to play with some lazy grooves. Sitting in my kitchen one afternoon, I came up with the beat and the bassline and the song just flew from there. It was probably all written within the space of two days. Lyrically, the song is empowering and a little savage. It’s all in good fun though. After it was finished, I went and spent the day in the studio with my mixer Brad Hosking who absolutely gave the track life. It was an amazing experience learning and watching a professional mix my little song baby.

Any shows coming up?

Lots. I will be supporting TIARNE in Brisbane on the 31st. The rest are yet to be announced but I am very excited for them. I love performing and connecting eye to eye with my audience. It allows us to get to know each other better.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I will be graduating from university and then locking myself away in the studio. Only coming out for gigs and the occasional snack. My goal is to finish off my EP scheduled for release later next year. I’ll be performing over the next couple of months and possibly releasing a remix very soon.

Where can we hear more of your music?

My music and collaborations can be found on all streaming sites and my triple j Unearthed profile.


Fri 12 Oct - Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane (supporting Keelan Mak)

Wed 31 Oct - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane (supporting TIARNE)


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