Video Premiere: AM Reruns - Big Talk

Video Premiere: AM Reruns - Big Talk

Naarm/Melbourne-based garage rockers return with a fresh single of new wave sounds + music video ahead of 7” vinyl release

Following-up the release of Rose In Wire earlier this year, Naarm/Melbourne-based trio AM Reruns return with their new single and video Big Talk, out Friday May 26 but premiering on Pilerats toady!

Switching gears from the more glam rock-leaning sounds of Rose In Wire, Big Talk sees the group embracing influences from new wave & power pop, fused with jangly garage rock goodness, resulting in a rousing cut that thematically takes on the concept of an eponymous "big talker". AM Reruns guitarist and vocalist Andy Campbell expands on this, explaining“It’s about a certain type of person. A larger  than life, charismatic, highly persuasive, addictive, big talker. I’ve  known a few of them. They’re not to be trusted.” I think we've all known a few of them...

Meanwhile, the video for Big Talk sees a stylised performance from the band in a studio juxtaposed with some shots of the countryside. Campbell explains "This video came about through a band chat about what we think AM Reruns is. Literally, the basic question of what we're about. I was against making a music video until I thought about that question and realised that we could express the meaning of the band in this form. Volume, drama, exuberance and a bit of darkness - our band has always had that.

We looked at Derek Jarman for inspiration - the film "Jubilee" but also his incredible work with The Smiths. I asked my hairdresser Jay McGee from Off The Top Of My Head in Melbourne, to come and style us in an androgynous sort of way. She lent us clothes too. Significant gratitude goes to the director Boaz Hunter Smith, who shot this on a mixture of digital and film cameras and really embraced our ideas."

In exciting news, both Big Talk and Rose In Wire will be released on a double A side seven inch vinyl, showcasing the band's diversity across the two singles. Releasing on vinyl is a big part of the process for the trio, with Campbell saying "It’s a commitment to our ideals. A 7” not only feels like an item of beauty and a source of pride, but  also a rebellion against a business model that takes everything an  artist has and gives nothing back. It's a statement: "we're worth it,  this is what it costs, it's bloody fantastic and you're gonna love it.""

Give Big Talk a watch and listen as it premieres on Pilerats today!

AM Reruns' new 7" Rose In Wire/Big Talk is out May 26

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