TORRES' Enormous New Album

TORRES' Enormous New Album

Having just released her sixth studio record ‘What an enormous room’, we check in with American indie rock singer-songwriter TORRES while she undertakes an epic U.S. tour

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For over a decade now, American indie rock singer-songwriter Mackenzie Scott has been crafting a wide range of “indie-adjacent” sounds, sometimes rocking out, sometimes heading in more of a ballad direction but always doing something that catches the ear as TORRES.

A prolific songwriter whose quantity matches its quality, TORRES now has six studio albums under her belt, with her most recent record What an enormous room released a few weeks ago in January of 2024.

Featuring ten songs that showcase TORRES’ range as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, TORRES is currently taking What an enormous room on a massive tour of the United States, running all the way until April.

While on the road, we checked in with TORRES to find out all about her awesome (and incredibly named) new album:

Congrats on the new album! When did you start working on ‘What an enormous room’ and what was the creative process like?

Thanks! I started writing it about a year before I went to Durham to record it in Oct 2022. I spent a lot of time alone in my basement studio, just writing and playing.

Now six albums in, has your approach to crafting albums changed over the course of your career?

Not really. I’m always different and what’s going on in my life and brain is always changing but the process itself remains the same—I think, I write, I play, I make demos. It’s just me in a room alone.

I absolutely love the name of the new album - where did it come from?

From the spirits! Some astral plane I can’t recall when I’m awake.

What is the most enormous room you have ever been in?

My mind.

How has the US tour been going?

The drives are brutal but the shows are epic. The people make it all worth it!

How are the songs from the new album feeling live?

I think they’re rippin.

With a huge touring schedule up until April, how do you stay fresh on the road?

I try to drink more water than usual and I go for a run almost every day.

When will we see you down in Australia next?

I’m hoping for 2025.

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Making more things, traveling the world, and collaborating with talented people.

TORRES' new album What an enormous room is out now via Merge Records

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