Premiere: Rose Parker - Blood On The Water

Premiere: Rose Parker - Blood On The Water

Award winning West Aussie singer-songwriter delivers powerful new single of indie folk & alt-country flavours - take a first listen

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Fresh off a recent win at the Australian Songwriters Association Awards, Fremantle-based Rose Parker has readied her latest single, the anthemic sounds of Blood On The Water, out October 26 but premiering on Pilerats today.

Opening with Parker’s stunning alto vocals, Blood On The Water pairs dark synths with layered guitars and a driving rhythm section as the energy of the song builds with a captivating sense of tension and momentum. Meeting at the middle of indie rock, folk and alt-country, Blood On The Water is a rollicking, anthemic cut that sees Parker reflecting on claiming your place in life and expressing gratitude for those who stick with you at your greatest moments of need.

My Daddy used to say, ‘you can’t please everybody all the time’,” Parker states. “It took me a while to really learn that…to learn to say no…to learn when and how to walk away. When to leave the drama whirling in its own heaving mess, that you can’t fix everything and that’s ok because it’s just Blood on the Water. A life lived in constant self-doubt and anxiety is a joyless miserable place to dwell. Trust your gut. Back yourself. Whilst my own personal revelation is front and center, the intent is to remind the listener to keep swimming, claim your space, speak up and sing out loud!

Blood On The Water is the latest highlight from Parker who has previously released three albums, toured relentlessly and is a member of acclaimed trio The Holy Smoke, while also being an advocate for women in music and imparting her skills at workshops and events.

Give Blood On The Water a listen a day ahead of release and for everyone in Boorloo, you can catch the launch on October 28 at Lyrics Underground with support from Sad King Billy and Nat Ripepi:

Rose Parker's new single Blood On The Water is out October 26

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