Premiere: Flyying Colours share new single Big Mess ahead of AU tour

Premiere: Flyying Colours share new single Big Mess ahead of AU tour

Arriving via Poison City Records, the track is another flurry of guitar-rock from the Melbourne shoegaze group that follows on from Goodtimes last year.

Header image by Naomi Lee Beveridge.

Australia’s shoegaze scene is a place that goes far deeper than many people would think, with the majority of commercial claim only thrown to those who combine the genre’s trademark hazy guitars with mannerisms of pop: strong songwriting, catchy hooks, floating vocals and so on. The truth is, however, there are plenty more musicians under the surface, with many of them being ones that take the ‘conventions’ of dreamy shoegaze out of the box, uniting them with everything from flailing synth to darker, more rock-centric tones that keep the genre moving forward even years and years past its most popular peak.

Melbourne-based group Flyying Colours are one that has been there before many of today’s Australian shoegaze stars, having cemented their name in the scene since their debut, self-titled EP back in 2013. They’re also a band who, like many others underneath the dream-rock / shoegaze umbrella, have a sound that has explored many genre crevices in the past seven years, from the more ‘chill stuff’ – nods to the nostalgia-pop of acts like The Beatles – to those that movie with heavier, fiercer rhythms; the band’s interests and inspiration with some of rock’s most influential names rubbing off on their more charging singles.

Their new single, Big Mess, is one that sits more within the latter side of their music. Premiering today following the surprise-release of a single – Goodtimes – in the depths of last year, Big Mess is a track that takes Flyying Colours’ trademark sound and unites it with a darker, more menacing touch; an upbeat exploration of personal change and emotions charaded through heavy guitar layering and vocals that somehow manage to cut through, no matter how many layers of percussion and guitar sit underneath it.

Big Mess was one of the first tracks written for this record after finishing our last set of major touring. It became somewhat of a representation of what it was like at the time for us being away and coming home. Everything was a bit crazy and a bit messy in our lives…relationships change (all different kinds) as life changes and that is kind of what the song is about,” the band say on the track. “I like it as it feels very much like the songs I used to write in high school, which is funny. It was the first song we started working on and one of the most difficult to really get it to sound the way it did in my head. After playing Big Mess live as a band for a while before recording I think we are all very excited to release it to the world.”

Following on from the release of Goodtimes, it’s the second taste of the band’s long-awaited second record Fantasy Country, expected this year via influential Melbourne label Poison City Records. They’re also touring the country this month, with shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Adelaide, Perth and – of course – Melbourne, full dates below.

In the meantime, however, lose yourself in Big Messmany rhythms below:

Tour Dates: 

Friday, Feb 21st - Brisbane - The Bearded Lady
Saturday, Feb 22nd - Sydney - The Landsdowne
Sunday, Feb 23rd - Wollongong- North Gong Pub
Thursday, Feb 27th - Adelaide - The Grace Emily
Friday, Feb 28th - Perth - Lucy's Love Shack
Saturday, Feb 29th - Melbourne - Northcote Social Club

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