Meet Melbourne newcomers Telescreen and their new single, Crowded

Meet Melbourne newcomers Telescreen and their new single, Crowded

It's the first of two tracks from an upcoming 7" vinyl due later this month.

Formerly known as Lucerne Cr., Melbourne four-piece Telescreen are back in action with the first track under their new name – Crowded. Taken from two-track 7" vinyl release due to arrive later this month (pre-order it HERE), Crowded is a moody and somewhat nostalgic affair that pairs this washed-out, 80s lo-fi sound with a more modernised indie edge, which comes together to give this unique indie sound that you can instantly hit repeat on. It's also a bit of a personal release, as frontman Nic Schwarz explains: "This is the most important song I've written to date, especially for myself. It's a song that feels like it's right on the edge of exploding at any moment, yet keeps itself contained and restricted."

Teaming up with producer Dean Tuza (who has credits on tracks by The Rubens, Stella Donnelly, MOSSY and more) and four-time ARIA nominated Tony Espie (The Avalanches) for the single, it's definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on Telescreen as they no doubt climb their way up over the next few months. Find the single below with a bit of information from the band themselves about what they're all about and what they have planned for us in 2018.

Tell us about yourself?

Telescreen is Nic (vocal/guitar), Ali (keys/vocals), Dan (bass) and Matt (drums). We’re all in our early 20s and we all went to high school together. We started making music together about a year and a half ago, but we’ve been mates for a lot longer than that, which makes for a bit of an interesting dynamic. We have a lot of fun just hanging out together.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

I guess it’s mainly indie pop, but we try to take influences from wherever we can. Recently we’ve been going for a bit of new wave vibe, so Joy Division and The Strokes kinda thing. Lyrically the songs never really stay in one place at a time, but they all feed back to real life situations, fictional or not.

What are your production and writing processes like?

Nic is writing pretty much all the time. At any given moment you might find him sneaking off somewhere to sing a vocal hook or guitar line or something like that into his phone, so writing-wise it’s just whenever inspiration hits him.

Generally, he’ll record part of or all of a demo to show the rest of the band, and we’ll just blatantly tell him if it’s any good or not. No holds barred. After that, it’s away! We have been lucky enough to work with a killer producer in Dean Tuza on these two tracks.

Can you tell us about your new single, Crowded?

It was originally envisioned to be quite an anthem but it’s turned out be much more reserved and smooth, which we’re really pleased about. It’s a really important and personal song for Nic, and we’re all really proud of how it’s come out.

Any shows coming up?

We’ll be playing at The Workers Club on May the 23rd with FLOSS and Kitschen Boy to release Crowded which we’re super excited about! We’ll also be playing a mini-residency at The Retreat Hotel in June with some super exciting guests.

What’s the rest of the year have in store for you?

Playing lots lots lots more shows and releasing more music! We’ve got a lot of content building up and as we said before Nic is constantly writing, so who knows where things will go…

Where can we find more of your music?

All the usual places such as Spotify, iTunes and triple j unearthed, but most importantly get down to our shows!! If you want to hear more of what we’ve got, there is a whole 45 minutes worth of it in our set, so come check us out!

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