Listen: Mallrat - Teeth

Listen: Mallrat - Teeth

A wispy pop-rock blur that teases the release of the pop princess’ debut album.

(Photo by Kat Neisler) 

Multi-talented pop princess Mallrat comes it hot today with the news of a debut album Butterfly Blue, escorted by an airy new pop-rock tune Teeth. Originating as a bedroom project from Brisbane, the singer-songwriter and recent co-producer has a knack for channeling fears, hopes and obsessions in an iconic fashion, seen in previous EP releases, and most recent singles Your Love and Rockstar - tracks that will also be appearing on the forthcoming album. 

Teeth is a powerful and mysterious force that lingers with deep bass growls, distorted rings of guitars, and incredibly dreamy vocals that simultaneously create a thick mystical fog whilst cutting through the chaos with crisp and clear articulation. On the release, Mallrat shares “I like to think that if Teeth was out in 2004 it would be on the OC soundtrack. In the song I describe a big, omnipresent 'it'. When I wrote these lyrics I was playing with the idea that we talk about sex and prayer and violence and power with very similar language. I wanted to see if I could blur all of these things into one blurry ball of energy."

Her debut album promises to be a genuine representation of the artist's world through her wide, hopeful eyes. Featuring over a dozen open-hearted tracks, it draws from pop, rock, and folk stylings and marks the growth (so far) of the rising star. 

Butterfly Blue emerges from its metamorphosis May 13. Feel the hype below with Mallrat's third track from the albuM - Teeth.

Mallrat's latest single Teeth is out now via Dew Process.



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