The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 4

The 10 Best Music Videos of the Week | 2024 Week 4

Soak up the best new sights and sounds of the week including new music videos from Cold Hart, DOBBY, good morning, Grace Cummings, Rosie Tucker & more!

Image credit: Still from Fat White Family's 'Bullet of Dignity' video

Music videos are artistic extensions of the songs themselves, with many visual accompaniments becoming just as, if not more iconic than the songs they were created for. As usual, some of our favourite songs of the week also had some of our favourite videos, with this week's list including bad tuner, CLYPSO, Cold Hart, DOBBY, Fat White Family, gglum, Grace Cummings, Juno Mamba and Rosie Tucker.

bad tuner - 24 hours

Wasting absolutely no time in getting the titular vocal loop stuck in your head, NYC’s bad tuner channels old school Chemical Brothers on this new cut of hip hop meets gritty, acid laced house. The captivating music video features a whole host of characters singing along in the streets and subway, with some sweet breakdancing at the climax. Out now via Foreign Family Collective / Ninja Tune.


Eora/Sydney-based vocalist, producer, songwriter and instrumentalist CLYPSO celebrates signing to Astral People Recordings (Milan Ring, Skeleten, Club Angel) with a huge new single that combines trappy beats, grimey basslines and throwback indie dance flavours to great effect. Starring CLYPSO in a range of settings and slick costumes, the music video captures the energy of the single perfectly. Out now via Astral People Recordings.

Cold Hart - 2017 feat. GBC

Filipino-American singer and producer/internet sensation Cold Hart announced his new album with its addictive opener and lead single 2017, featuring the iconic GOTHBOICLIQUE that he co-founded. An altogether too catchy cut pop punk vibes, 2017 shows Cold Hart’s knack for crafting earworms. The nostalgic music video introduces us to a whole heap of fans and friends of GBC, while Cold Hart performs and skates around, fun stuff. Cold Hart’s new album Pretty In The Dark is out May 17 via Epitaph.

DOBBY - Ancestor

Proud Filipino, Murrawarri and Ngemba composer, rapper, producer and drummer DOBBY new single brings the chills, goosebumps and epic vibes from its very opening with ethereal vocal melodies and strings followed by the unforgettable keys before the drums kick in, giving way to DOBBY’S emotional, storytelling lyrics that usher a call to his ancestors and speak to cultural connection and strength. Blending images of dance, Country, and community, the gorgeous music video features some awesome editing and effects. DOBBY’s debut album WARRANGU: River Story is out June 14 via ABC Music.

Fat White Family - Bullet Of Dignity

Fat White Family remind us how they have hit their cult status with the delightfully bizarre song and video combo from the latest single for their forthcoming album. Featuring a squelchy synth bassline pushing things along, resulting in a funky, psychedelic cut of truly unique. Speaking of truly unique, the music video really has to be seen to be believed with way too much going on to describe… just peep the thumbnail and hit play. Fat White Family’s new album Forgiveness Is Yours is out April 26 via Domino.

gglum - Do You See Me Different? feat. Kamal.

London’s gglum continues her ascent and string of catchy singles with the gorgeous sounds of Do You See Me Different?, featuring fellow London-based rising star Kamal.. Bringing the golden era of mid 2000s indie-rock-pop into 2024, DYSMD? is a stunning cut of stripped back guitars and minimal piano that allows the two talent’s mesmerising vocals to cut through, the single features a sweeping instrumental passage connecting each artist’s vocals. gglum’s new album The Garden Dream is out March 29 via Secretly Canadian.

good morning - ahhh (this isn't ideal)

Never ones to do things by halves, long time fave Aussie DIY lofi indie duo delivered not one but two new singles this week as they announced their new 17 track double album. Marking the band’s first exploration into liberal use of reverb, ahhhh (this isn't ideal) is a dreamy, waltzy cut of jangle pop, with a fun and playful music video featuring a range of interesting and bizarre shots of statues, mannequins, destroyed rooms and more while the guys hit the pub. good morning’s new album  Good Morning Seven is out March 22 via Good Morning Music Company Worldwide / Polyvinyl.

Grace Cummings - On And On

Two years on from her Storm Queen LP, Grace Cummings has announced her third album with a new single of uplifting & epic chamber pop, pairing subtle horns with Cummings’ distinctive & unmistakable vocals. The video for On And On sees Grace dancing around a dimly let home, bathed in golden light, before the background gives way to all black, framing Cummings to great effect. Grace Cummings’ new album Ramona is out April 5 via Virgin Music Australia.

Juno Mamba - undrcut

Filipino, Naarm-based producer Juno Mamba also makes his return after two years, delivering a lush cut of melodic future garage, pairing a rumbly, driving bass line with arpeggiated synths and playful vocal samples. Filmed on 16mm around the deserts of California by Australian filmmaker Liam Oz (Skin On Skin, Mall Grab, Kllo, Fred Again..), the music video is an extension of the singles cover art, starring the mysterious floating chrome sphere across a range of gorgeous settings. Out now via Soothsayer.

Rosie Tucker - All My Exes Live In Vortexes

As Tucker edges closer to her fourth full-length she’s unveiled possibly the biggest single so far of breathtakingly fresh alt-rock meets indie-pop, bringing Tucker’s wordsmith abilities to the forefront from the opening line. As usual for a Rosie Tucker single, the music video lives up to how good the song is, delivering a narrative involving Rosie ordering a “better version” of themselves online, with the ensuing delivery and assembly detailed in humorous fashion. Rosie Tucker’s new album UTOPIA NOW! is out March 22 via Sentimental Records.

Enjoy all these tunes as well as our favourite singles of the week and a stack of other new music we've been feeling in our Spotify playlist.

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