'Two Days In Taipei' by David Mears

'Two Days In Taipei' by David Mears

A weekend in and around Taiwan’s crowded, chaotic capital on 35mm.

After a week-long exchange program at NYMU earlier this year, I had a few days to explore before heading home. I had no plans, and knew next to nothing about the little island nation. Wandering around the city and into the foothills that surround the Taipei Basin produced these shots, an eclectic mix of nothing in particular. They capture the odd, amazing place that Taipei is; a loud and liberal city, scattered with reminders of its ambiguous independence from communist China. It might not compete with Japan or Iceland for top of the to do list for many, but after a short visit I’d definitely recommend a visit to Taiwan to anyone.

Images shot on T-Max 400 with an Asahi Pentax SP & Super Takumar 55mm f1.8.

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